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Site News: We're Moving this Blog

We've been on blogger since 2003, and we're going to be moving to a new host, one that offers a bit more and will make your fan experience even better. The new site has launched, and fully operational. See you there.

CowboysBlog.Net has moved HERE

Please be sure to update your bookmarks, and thanks for everyone that visited and emailed me!
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Look Up. Get Up. Don't Ever Give Up.

All I can say is WOW... Michael Irvin delivered one of the best HOF speeches of the night. I'll be the first to admit, I cried. Irvin's speech reflected on a whole spectrum, from on-the field, to off-the field.
Irvin touched us all tonight. Whether you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, or just a casual fan of football, this was a speech for the decades. I'll remember this for a long time, and carry it with me:

"Look Up. Get Up. Don't Ever Give Up"

Three times a charm for Irvin was well worth the wait. Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and a fan of Michael Irvin makes me proud. His speech was top notch, moving, and it offered advice to anyone that would listen.

Very moving speech indeed.


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Irvin, Its Canton Time!

That's right, time has just crept up on us. Some of you may have forgotten, but our own Michael Irvin is getting enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame this Saturday (Aug.4th). Irvin's presenter will be Jerry Jones. Jerry has completed his speech for Irvin's induction and here what he said:

“One thing I really want to guard against is to not get too emotional with it,” Jones said. “But I don't know that I've ever been able to talk about him without getting emotional.”

Irvin is also one of the 17 players in the team's Ring of Honor. Jones said there are no plans to add anyone this year. (

What time?
6:00 p.m.: ENSHRINEMENT- Class of 2007 - Gene Hickerson, Michael Irvin, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Roger Wehrli (Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium)

The Numbers
Pro Career: 12 seasons, 159 games
Drafted: 1st round (11th overall) in 1988 by Dallas Cowboys
Uniform Number: #88
Conference Championships: 3 (4 appearances)
Super Bowl Championships: 3
Receptions: 750
Yards: 11,904
TDs: 65

Here are some recent articles on Irvin, they are good reads:
Michael Irvin HOF Bio (

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Welcoming Committee: Michael Irvin ( by Aikman)

Reflection from a Die Hard Fan
I grew up watching the Cowboys on the back end of Landry's coaching career, and saw the downside of the Cowboys Dynasty that came before me. The Jimmy Johnson era was the best of times for so many Cowboys fans. I remember watching the Cowboys going 1-15, and getting picked on for following the Cowboys after that horrible season, then the Cowboys turned it around in 1990. I remember that year, the Cowboys went 7-9. Emmitt Smith was a rookie, and the Cowboys looked good, especially Emmitt, but this was the year the "Triplets" were born. (Irvin came in 1988, Aikman in 1989, and Emmitt in 1990)

I remember vividly watching the final regular season game between the Saints vs. Rams game that year (1990). If the Rams would have won that game the Cowboys could have squeaked into the wild card game. This was my first glimpse of excitement for my team, for my generation.

The year after that was exciting as we went 11-5, then 13-3, then 12-4 in Jimmy's final season as coach of the Cowboys. Michael Irvin was a dynamic part of the Cowboys turnaround. He helped get the Cowboys back to glory, he helped shape the Cowboys into what we are today - Champions. Watching Irvin get those first downs was a treat, he would slam the ball or point in the direction of the 1st down, Who can forget that? His on the field theatrics were top-notch. He was physical, and played against the best corners in his day, and he made them look like fools on any given Sunday.

Thanks Michael, you deserve being in the Hall of Fame in my book and by many Cowboys Fans worldwide!