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There's Jason Ferguson, and then...

Besides Ellis being out due to injury, and Henry getting beat in practice, what's the other subject forgotten about? Nose Tackle. NT should be a great concern, because after Jason Ferguson, we have NO ONE. After going to camp I was not impressed by our backups on the team. We'd be one injury away from an unstable defensive line if Ferguson goes down. He's has a few bumps here and there, but he is aging and we should continue to keep our options open.

Jason Ferguson
Ferguson is the obvious starter, we know this, so we won't go much into him. He should strive in this attacking 3-4 defense. Ferguson is a load for any offensive lineman to handle, just ask our own Pro Bowler, Andre Gurode.

Montavious Stanley
Drafted by the Cowboys last year and then cut, and reacquired in the offseason, has too make some big plays to make the team. He probably looked like the bigger NT of the group besides Ferguson. But appearance don't make players, plays make players, and I didn't see much.

Remi Ayodele
Same thing for Ayodele, he got destroyed by Gurode the times I saw him in the offensive/defensive line drills. He got some playing time in NFL Europe, but he's back to earth with another level of lineman in front of him. Same issues as Stanley

Ola Dagunduro
Dagunduro is an undrafted rookie, and looked the same as Ayodele. None of these guys could possibly man the NT for a long part of the season if needed. This is a concern.

Other Options
Jay Ratliff has gotten in some playing time at NT, and that could be the answer if push came to shove. and we may even see Ratliff alternate with Ferguson on occasion anyway. Ratliff had his hands full with Gurode, but this guy never stops, he finishes his plays.

Marcus Spears is looking OK, he's not really wowing anybody from what I saw, and the latest reports have Hatcher looking better than Spears in the pass rush. That's what we need, more pass rush. If Hatcher is playing better, then he should be the guy. I saw it last year, Hatcher looked better than Spears did. Maybe its time to move Spears to NT, and groom him there and get him some more reps behind Ferguson.

Who's In
1. Jason Ferguson
2. Everyone else (on the bubble)


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