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Terrell Owens Will Lead Cowboys in TDs

Last year was Owens' first year as a Dallas Cowboy and he met all expectations as he stacked up some Pro Bowl numbers, 85 receptions for 1180 yards with 13TDs. Yes, he had some dropped passes, but his offensive scoring power cannot be denied. So, Owens had pretty good numbers in what is considered to have been a conservative type passing game, can you imagine this year?

Now comes year two with a new "players coach" and a new offensive coordinator with Jason Garrett. Garrett has already said this offense will look alot like the offenses the Cowboys employed in the '90s. This is good news for Owens, and you can expect another solid year from T.O.

It is my prediction that T.O. will lead the Cowboys in touchdowns this year, and according to a poll at our message board, most fans also believe T.O. will lead in TDs:

Terrell Owens %58
Marion Barber III %29
Jason Witten %8
Julius Jones %4
Other %0-1

T.O. is money in the fantasy football realm, but I wouldn't overlook MB3 or Julius Jones for that matter. In several leagues, I've been able to draft Julius Jones in later rounds, and this could be an absolute steal under Garrett's new offense.

Witten should get way more touches in the redzone, and this should make him another solid pick this year.

In other T.O. news, Owens is suing a Manhattan Nightclub for using his name and likeness. Owens is seeking around $600,000 in damages. Check out the article here.


  • At 10:29 AM, Blogger mike said…

    Finally a new coach ! T.O will have a great year, is he worth all the hype....yes anyone who is willing to play after having surgery on their hand is a team player; Anyone else may have dropped more balls or go out for the season. Hopefully Jason will also address the front line ,with all his talent and the talent in his recievers and RB's he will have time to help these men achive a better stand and give Tony a better chance to be a great QB, and not to have his coach who would second guesses his abiltys.
    When Tony first started he was very good and as the season progressed due to what I believe was Bill's fault who should have encouraged him more,only then did he start to falter after Bill's not so positive comments after the games. With all this new talent and fresh ideas I do not see why we could not only go to the superbowl but WIN in a major way.


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