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RBs: Who's In, Who's Out?

Some people have been asking me what I thought about the RBs.

Here's what I saw.

MB3 is running like a man on a mission. I never once saw him take a big hit, he's deceivingly elusive, and finishes all his runs. He still rates the highest from the other backs in the passing game. Its usually two-three players to take Barber down on a few drills.

Julius Jones looked really good out there too. He's got burst at the line of scrimmage, and is running instinctively. The offensive line opened up some holes for Julius to cut through the line and past the LBs on several drills.

Tyson Thompson looked pretty good in the return game, and his speed has not dropped off. He's fully recovered from his injury, and looks to making the team as a backup running back, and key player in the return game.

Lousaka Polite looks hefty, he's definitely the biggest back out there in terms of physical appearance. He looked good in practice, and I dont have anything bad to say about him, so we'll see if he makes the team.

Deon Anderson looks small out on the field. I wasn't too impressed with his size, he probably the shortest back we have on the team. He's not very big looking at all. He does catch the ball very well in the passing game. he made some nice over the top catchs, he looked natural catching in the flats. He made some solid blocks and popped the heck out of one player, (which I cant remember) which opened up Tyson in the return. If Deon makes the team it'll be because of his hands and blocking, he'll hit you for sure.

Jackie Battle ran great, he's gonna be a steal if he makes the team, and right now, I hope he does. He impressed the heck out of me. He runs hard, finishes his run, runs with power, and catches the ball pretty good in the passing drills. In one drill Bradie James came rushing at him and knocked him out of bounds with a pretty good smack. Battle got up without incident and ran back to the huddle garnering praise from the coach and his team mates.

Oliver Hoyte is not looking good in my opinion. He dropped several passes, and doesn't look natural on a few drills they ran. I don't think he makes it.

Others, Coleman doesn't have a chance, still injured and just a camp body right now. I may be forgetting some other rookie, but no one else made any lasting impressions.

Who makes the team?
1. Julius Jones
2. MB3
3. Tyson Thompson
4. Deon Anderson
5. Jackie Battle (practice squad)


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