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Friday Afternoon Overview

I just got home from San Antonio, it was a great three days at Training Camp. Like the first few days, nothing too terribly exciting happened at today's camp. I did like how the defense upped the tempo, yesterday was just nothing to brag about as they could not stop the running backs.

Today was a different story, the defense looked alot better in the run and pass defense. Hamlin made an INT today. The only bad part was Henry getting beat twice from what I saw. I was at the endzone again today, so I got a good look at the defensive line vs. the offensive line.

Most notable things I noticed were Carpenter and Spencer getting manhandled in their first attempts. The goal of this drill was to sack/pressure the pseudo-QB (some asst. coach, not sure) Carpenter composed himself and and improved on his 2nd and 3rd go around. Spencer also improved on his last attempt in this drill. Ratliff also redeemed himself in this drill by getting after it, and making penetration. That was good to see. Demarcus Ware is just a whole tier above the rest, he blew past his guy. I think it was McQuistan or Marten. Marcus Spears looked good in his drills as well.

I didn't see much of the secondary drills from my spot, but I did glance over a few times, and that's when I saw TO beat Henry and Williams in coverage.

Garrett continued to work the passing game, and everything is looking good there. I like what I see with TO, they are moving him around, putting him in motion, putting him in the slot, he's going to be very explosive this year and hard for defenses to cover.

Terry Glenn is money, he makes just about everything thrown at him today. Hurd played better today, and Austin is looking great in my opinion. He's catching the ball with confidence and plucking the ball, reminiscent of Crayton.

From the undrafted players, Jackie Battle has the upperhand. This guy can run! He's looking real good, and runs with power, and finishes all his runs.

Matt Moore looks tiny out there, he needs to add some bulk, he looks brittle too me. Richard Bartel looks physically bigger, but both seem to be doing about the same so far in camp.


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