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Back From Camp - Your Important Guide

Now that I'm back from San Antonio, I can give you some details on the experience. The experience was great. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn, which is walking distance on a sunny day, probably about 6 blocks or so. I'll probably stay there next year and I recommend it. I did see a Holiday Inn Express which was even closer maybe two streets closer to the Alamodome.

Alamodome Parking
Parking at the Alamodome is $10 each time you visit. We got there really early Friday and parked for free since there wasn't a parking attendant on site. We parked in Lot C every time. You'll park and go down the stairs, you'll walk under an train overpass, which stinks because there are bats, and you can hear them chirping, so don't hang around there. You'll want to walk briskly through there due to the stench and because who wants to be around bats?

Depending where you stay, there's plenty of places to eat. If you're not right in the Riverwalk area, you'll need to find a place to park, and that's where the mission begins. I recommend parking in the River Center Mall Parking garage. It costs $5 and $1 each additional hour after your first hour. Its the best place to park in my opinion. You have access to all the eateries inside the mall, which include: Chili's, Tony Roma's Ribs, Dairy Queen, Le Petite, and a few other good places. In addition, the Riverwalk is right there at the mall. The Alamo is right down the street too. So, just remember - park at the River Center Mall Parking Garage.

This is a whole mission in itself. If you even want a chance at possibly getting an autograph, you must get to the stadium 3hrs. before the practice begins. Yes, 3hrs! I am deadly serious. There will be a huge line at the front doors, and if you aren't at the front or very close to the front - forget about it.

ie. Practice starts at 9am - BE waiting at gates at 6am
ie. Practice starts at 2:30pm - BE waiting at gates at 11:30am

There will be people there early.
Don't think you can hold seats, cause you won't be able too, be well prepared. Either go with someone as eager as you or go by yourself if you want autographs. I wouldn't recommend bringing small toddlers and definitely don't bring infants/babies in the autograph section. I saw some couple with a small baby in the front row of the autographs, and when Romo came to sign, they practically ran over the baby, it was just a madhouse, pure insanity, with no regard. So yeah, be smart, don't bring your baby to the front row, please. If you have a small kid, make sure they goto the restroom at least 30mins before practice ends or they will not make it back to their spot. Hoards of people will bunch up front.

Where to sit: Section 103 or lower will take you to the endzone. You'll have a good chance of getting someone in the endzone. Section 110-Section 108 will take you to the sideline area, which is another good spot from what I could see.

Also, if you are a True Blue member, you will be admitted 15mins early to the stadium. If you don't have a True Blue Fan Club Membership, you may want to get one just for this chance, it DOES make a difference. You'll get prime autograph real estate. Cost is about $20, you can sign up online or at the Cowboys Pro Shops at the Alamodome and the Pro Shop at the River Center Mall.

As in most sporting events, snacks, drinks, and beers are expensive. Food can from $6 and up. Bottled Water/Soda $3.75, Beer $6. The early practices won't have the Pizza and all that, but they do have breakfast tacos (2) for $2.50 which is that bad. Throughout the practice there will be staff selling snacks and beverages up and down the aisles too, so sometimes you don't need to get up and leave your seat.


  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger kla824 said…

    Thanks for the great info! 2 questions for ya...Do they let TrueBlue Fan club members on the field on the Offense side like they do on the Defense side? Do the players only go to the endzone or will they sign for people in Section 108-110?

    Thank you!!!


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