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Afternoon Overview

Got here early and even then we barely got seats for autographs. I think I saw Grizz from bloggintheboys in VIP earlier, lucky dawg!

The practice didnt seem as intense as the morning session. Less fumbling around though. I was in the endzone, so I didnt see much of the defense except when they did some drills with the offensive line. Kosier and Gurode shutdown a frustated Jay Ratliff. I didnt see Spencer either, Im not sure when he sneaked on the field.

The running backs continued to work in the passing game. Barber is a natural and catched the ball with ease. Julius and Thompson looked really good too. Hoyte did not look good, he dropped to passes, obviously this is not he strength, but to help make the team it'll be required in Garrett's schemes.

The morning session focused on the running game, and this afternoon was more passing.

The defense did not impress me at all, but again, this could be the tempo early on. The defense ran in basic 34 schemes, no blitzing and nothing exotic. Early on the defense didnt stop the run, the afternoon looked the same. The passing game and Garrett's timing scheme looked effective with Romo at the helm.

Im just hoping this was planned and not the result of poor execution by the defense. I guess we'll see more once practices increase and progress.

Phillips says there was some sloppiness on the field.

All draft picks have been signed. Spencer was on the field on the afternoon practice. More tomorrow. See you then!


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