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On My Count, Attack!

What's the common theme you keep hearing over and over again? Attack. Unlike our units from previous years, this team will be attacking on both sides of the ball. No more read and reacting on every single down. We're going to be in people's faces on defense and on offense. What a concept, its music to my ears.

On Defense, the defensive line will not just be big bodies occupying space, but rather, lineman on the attack as well. The linebackers will be attacking from different positions; stuff like 2-4 LBs blitzing at any given moment, with any different player combination: one MLB and one OLB blitzing, coupled with a safety or corner blitz. Obviously, blitzing full time is not what we're going to be doing, but it will be in more frequency and more effective with the Phillips 34.

Several players are looking forward to being in attack mode. Phillips wants to get his playermakers involved early and often. Players like Ware and Williams.

Williams talks about how Phillips has designed some plays around him that could lead him to making more plays at the line (from DMN):

"I get to be more involved," Williams said Saturday, the last day of minicamp for the Cowboys. "I like to be closer to the ball, and Coach Phillips installed some plays for me. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know about blitzing, but shoot, at least I'm closer to the line; that's half the battle."

This is probably something we'll see in Nickel and Dime formations, with Hamlin and Watkins in support in the secondary. Again, more attacking, and what better person than Williams. Williams strengths are to hit someone and hit them hard.

Demarcus Ware is another playmaker on defense that is excited about this attacking defense, and he gives us some insight as to what he likes about this version of the 3-4(from DMN):

"You can create," Ware said. "We can be a lot more aggressive instead of being a passive defense. This year, we'll call our own plays before the offense breaks the huddle so we can be ready."

I think Ware is right. Last year we were way too passive. I didn't feel our version of the 3-4 was doing disruptive things like the Patriots and Chargers were doing. Those squads were aggressive, attacking, and keeping quarterbacks guessing. When our defense is on the field, I want that feeling inside that we will force fumbles, get ints, get sacks, bust people up, and maybe even score some TDs on defense as a result.

The Offense will be in attack mode as well. When you think about the Cowboys and the times they were attacking people and taking over games, you think about the Cowboys of the '90s. And that's what Garrett sees this year's offense looking like(
from DMN):

"I think the base for this offense is a lot like what we had in Dallas in the '90s. We did things that worked for Emmitt Smith and worked for Jay Novacek and obviously worked for the quarterback, and those are the things you try to do as a coordinator."

More music to my ears. We definitely have the players at those key positions with Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Witten, and Tony Romo to name a few.

I already did a small write up on "Garrett Bringin' Witten Back" and we're talking about Garrett utilizing Witten alot more in the passing game. Witten excels in the passing game. Last year he scored just (1) TD!, I expect more scoring potential under Garrett's watch. Witten is ready for the new system (from DMN):

"I think we're all anxious to see what kind of a play-caller he's going to be," Witten said. "I know he feels like the running game is important, but I think he's going to be a down-the-field guy."

We're already hearing that Witten is getting more involved in the passing game from reports from the OTAs, and this past weekend's mini camp reports.

This is a good time to be a die hard fan. We have a truly genuine chance at making a serious run this year. Games should not come down to final drive FGs as they have in the past. We're going to have offenses and defenses on their heals until they submit to our high powered weapons. This is Cowboys Football.


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