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Media Infatuation With TO Continues

To no surprise, the Cowboys paid Terrell Owens his $3million roster bonus, meaning he will be a Cowboy for the 2007 season, which we already knew. Something else we already knew is that the media was going to be all over this and had to throw their little jabs at Terrell and the Cowboys as an organization.

How many article catch lines have you seen floating on the web? Crap like:
"Owen's Gets $3million Bonus Without Practicing"
"Owens not practicing but earns $3 million"
"TO is a no-show, but gets his raise"
and from ESPN of course
"Despite practice absence, T.O. to get $3M bonus"

Ok, we get it. Not a big deal in my opinion. Terrell isn't the only Cowboy missing the Voluntary practices either JJT at DMN has a good article and some valid points on missing OTAs.

I think its funny how the media had to ride this into their corney little catch lines...lame. Let the man, get his money, and be done with it, get off his jock.

Terrell is going to be here, he's going to be a major force in our new offense, and he'll likely be here again next year.


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