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Holmgren Re-visits K-Ball Conspiracy

Holmgren recently chimed in again on the k-ball controversy in which Tony Romo bobbled the snap which led to a gut-wrenching Cowboys loss. To me its even ridiculous to imagine Holmgren would confess something if something crooked was done in the first place, who would admit to such a heinous act? You just never know though. Holmgren went on to say:

"Well, the ball looks shiny because of the light. I went to Erik Kennedy, our equipment guy, and he goes, 'Hey, listen, I was in there, the Dallas guy was in there, by the rules of how we did those things.' They both go in there, and they rub them down and inspect them. That was the way it was.

"Now, if you watch Romo, he caught the ball. But then when he went to put it down, he lost it. If it was really slippery, sometimes you'll see it like a greased pig; it will kind of slip through his hands. But he caught it, and then he just got a little casual [putting it down]."(AP)
Let's be real, we'll never really ever know. What we do know is that the K-Ball rule has been tweaked to help combat future controversy.

From AOL Fanhouse:
Now the NFL will mark the 12 K-balls in the game, one through 12. K-ball No. 1 will be used on the opening kickoff and on every kicking play it's available. Then the No. 2 K-ball will be put into play. It, too, will be used on every kicking play until it is no longer available.

The rule used to be that twelve K-balls, marked 1 thru 12, were rotated during a game so that each ball was used the same amount of times. Those balls were fresh out of the box and weren't allowed to be used for anything until they get into the game. However the balls weren't worn enough and would often still be slick and have been a sore spot for kickers throughout the league.
The Cowboys have already tested out some of these new k-balls from the manufacturer, Wilson Sporting Goods. This offseason the Cowboys got with specialist and deep snapper L.P. Ladouceur.

"It is a little sticky," long snapper L.P. Ladouceur said.

The league has made several minor changes to the K-ball rules for next season, at least partly stemming from Tony Romo's botched hold late in the Cowboys' playoff loss to Seattle. (FWST)
Anyway, here's to us hopefully not needing to rely on FGs to win games anymore. I'm hoping that Garrett and the rest of the offensive staff let this group of guys loose. Let's be explosive and lets attack rather than be cautious every single drive.


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