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Happy Memorial Day

I want to wish all of our soldiers past and present, at home and overseas a happy and safe memorial day. The bravest of the brave lay it on the line each day to help protect this great nation, which we should all be grateful for. Thank You.

Not much news today, but I did find this cool article from named "He Shut Up and Played" by Lessley Visser. Its a good read on Aikman.

"For as long as I can remember," said Troy, now the lead analyst at Fox, "all I wanted to do was play professional sports. I was able to live that dream, I know very few get the chance. Norv would often remind me, when I'd lost or been sacked a million times, 'This is the job you always wanted'. To win three World Championships and be selected to the Hall of Fame, I am humbled."

Enjoy and Continue supporting our troops!


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