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Garrett's Bringin' Witten Back

There's already evidence of Witten getting more action in the passing game, Coach Phillips stated Witten was in motion, and in some wide-out sets. Look for Garrett to utilize Witten in the same vein as Novacek. He can block in the running game but will be more effective in the passing game which will open up more one-on-one matchups and more explosiveness from the running attack.

Last year Witten had (1) TD.... let me say that again, Witten had (1) TD last season. Now, there is something horribly wrong with that statistic, and I expect a lot more usage from Witten this year. Gone will be the 3 straight running plays for no gain with Barber. Rest assured, Witten will get in the game this year as Garrett's Bringin' him back.


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