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CowboysBoard.Com DeMarcus Ware Interview

Thanks to our fellow die hard board member cowboyzadam for landing this exclusive interview for our community. Thanks cowboyzadam! Enjoy!

1. Since the fans already do this, how much do you compare yourself to Shawne Merriman? Does his success play a role in your personal motivation?"

Shawne is a very good player and deserves all the positive credit he gets. I have never understood why he is labeled as being overrated as a player. He does what his Coaches ask of him and he does it well. I understand that fans will always compare the 2 of us but that does not mean I put much importance on it. I do what I do best and Shawne does what he does best. I never use a player to self motivate myself. I look within myself for motivation because every time I step out on the field I am striving to better my game and myself for my fans and my teammates.

2.How do you like the new Wade Phillips' environment?

Yes, the atmosphere with the Cowboys has become a lot looser. The guys are joking around a lot more in the locker room and during practices. We are professionals and we know when to draw the line and get back to work, and Coach Phillips allows us to do that. I think you Cowboy fans are in for a treat this year.

3. What kind of help and tips are you going to give Anthony Spencer, seeing as he is in the same spot as you were in 2 years ago?

Spencer is a great young guy with fire in his eyes let me tell you. He does remind me of myself a little bit because he is hungry. I think he is a little bit ahead of me right now as when I first came to Dallas. He is very smart and has an uncanny natural ability to pick things up really quick. The guys all seem to like him and I just tell him to listen to everything the Coaches say and ask a lot of questions. You cannot let yourself get discouraged because there is a lot to learn for a rookie coming into the NFL. He has to take it one day at a time and he knows I am there for him if he needs help.

4. What do you miss most about Parcells?

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