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Cowboys Enemy Wire: Portis Has Patella Tendonitis

While scanning the web for news, I came across some news on the much hated Washington Redskins. Its always good to keep tabs on the enemy, and there seems to be some concern in DC over RB Clinton Portis' knee or lack there of.

We all know Portis has had some durability issues throughout most of his career, but is looks like the nagging injuries are taking a toll on Portis. Not to say that Portis is not going to play well this year, but it is something to monitor. Portis was unable to practice at OTAs the last few days due to soreness in his knee, its not believed that this will take Portis out of action, but we'll see.

After experiencing pain in his knee during OTAs, Clinton Portis missed Thursday and Friday's sessions while meeting with Dr. James Andrews.

Team Dr. Bubba Tyer says Portis has patella tendinitis in the knee. Already rehabbing from shoulder and hand surgeries, the new injury may jeopardize his availability for the rest of the offseason if it lingers. Tyer expects Portis to be "fine" after "some therapy," but this is a situation to monitor. Portis has more wear and tear on him than the typical 25-year-old running back.
If for whatever reason Portis' injury requires time off during the season, and I believe ultimately it will based on his past history, then we'll see back up RB Ledell Betts as the starter. Betts was given a long-term deal last season for this very reason - Portis is simply too banged up and they need someone adequate to help out.

The fans in DC don't seem very upbeat about this latest development some may still be bitter about the Bailey for Portis trade.

From AOL Fanhouse:
Of course, there would be fewer questions about the defense if the team still had Bailey and that second-round pick. Yeah, I know, Bailey didn't want to be in DC, but that had everything to do with money and nothing to do with, well, anything else. Seeing that Portis signed a $50-million deal, I feel like Dan Snyder and Bailey could've worked something out.
I honestly don't see the Redskins as a legimate contender this year by any means, and with all the bad chemisty, players missing, not working out, etc. it could be the Redskins who end up drafting Arkansas' RB Darren McFadden


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