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Miles Austin and Coach Read

News is slow right now, but let's get pumped over some special teams talk shall we... As I'm sitting here thinking about the Cowboys, I can't help but wonder how much ass we're going to kick on special teams, coupled with a full year with Miles Austin as the returner, we should be set for a pretty good year overall.

I chose Miles Austin as our Offensive Rookie of The Year at our homesite, and with a year under his belt I'm pumped. We haven't had a solid returner since Kevin Williams and Kelvin Martin before him, so this is something to look forward to.

Special Teams doesn't get the recognition that it should, and I just want to get the fans excited for this upcoming year and look forward to some good field position in our favor.

Coach Read is a well accomplished Special Teams Coach that has developed some top tier units at the collegiate and NFL level and I believe Coach Phillips made a good selection in Read.

Get pumped and Go Cowboys!


  • At 8:18 AM, Blogger Marty said…

    The Cowboys haven't focused on Special teams in over a decade. It wasn't until last year that Jerry actually paid decent money for a kicker and we all saw how that went. You can bet that Jerry will keep his $$$ in check next time the Cowboys go looking for a kicker. I think your forgetting how good Wane McGarity was or maybe I don't remember how bad he became. I think Miles Austin will have to prove himself valuable at the WR position in order to contribute on special teams. If the Cowboys get thin at WR, he may become expedable, nice returner or not.


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