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Cowboys Draft in The Bag!

Here's a rundown of the players we drafted with a few quick thoughts on the picks

1st Pick (1st round)
DE Anthony Spencer - Purdue
6-3, 261lbs

Spencer will be in the OLB rotation with Ellis and Carpenter. This is an immediate impact player and could find himself in heavy rotation.

2nd Pick (2nd round)
OT James Marten - Boston College
6-7.5, 309lbs

Marten was the 2nd player the Cowboys drafted, and one of the top LT in this draft. This is a depth pick and future starter pick right here, straight up. Assuming Marten can live up to his dominating prowess he'll be set to be an impact player. This is a big player here.

3rd Pick (4th round)
QB Isaiah Stanback - Washington
6-2, 216lbs

Stanback is the replacement for the pick we missed on with Skylar Green. Same round, same purpose. Stanback will be on special teams and probably utilized in the return game. We did not draft him for a backup QB.

4th Pick (4th round)
OT Doug Free - Northern Illinois
6-6, 324lbs

Free could be the steal at this part of the draft. Free blocked well for the top rushing leader in ncaa last year, and you'll notice he is another big guy at 6-6 324. He'll be plugged in for a backup role and groomed for future spot on the line.

5th Pick (6th round)
K Nick Folk - Arizona
6-1, 225lbs

Folk is a surprise here considering fellow prospect Mason Crosby was still on the board as well. Folk has a strong leg and can kick the ball deep. He'll compete with Gramatica this year. I don't want to waste a spot with (2) kickers. Do you?

6th Pick (6th round)
FB Deon Anderson - Connecticut
5-10, 236lbs

Anderson was drafted to give the Cowboys some options as FB. Garrett is hoping to get more from the FB this year, and Anderson will give Polite some competition for that roster spot.

7th Pick (7th round)
CB Courtney Brown - Cal Poly
6-1, 205lbs

Brown was drafted for CB depth, we didn't draft an impact CB in the early rounds, so this means we'll be rolling with Henry, Newman, and Glenn as the starters, but after that we have Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones who signed their 1yr tenders this year, so this pick protects and gives up depth for this year and especially next year when Reeves and Jones could move on.

8th Pick (7th round)
CB Alan Ball - Illinois
6-1, 175lbs

Ball was drafted for the same reason as Brown, see above*

More Notes
Overall, I like the feel of this draft, and I like how we have positioned ourselves for next year's draft. We have (2) first rounder and this will REALLY help us out, especially if we choose not to re-sign Julius Jones next year, and this will give us some options for a high end WR, if we lose one or both of our receivers.

One thing you'll notice in this draft is the size of the Offensive Lineman, we took. They are BIG. Garrett is bringin' BIG back. Remember the amount of beef we had on our lines back in the 90's, well they could be makin a comeback here pretty soon...


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Cowboys Top Targets for Draft Day

Here are the top targets as of this draft's eve:

DE/OLB Anthony Spencer - Purdue

S/CB Brandon Meriweather - Miami

CB Aaron Ross - Texas

WR Dwayne Jarrett - USC

WR Robert Meachum - Tennessee

WR Dwayne Bowe - LSU


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Cowboys Narrow Draft Target to Three

Unlike previous years, we've known a week or two before the draft who the Cowboys were probably going to draft. This year, there is no clear cut draft prospect that is penciled in. We have learned through a close source to the team that the Cowboys have narrowed their pick to three.

DB - Aaron Ross - Texas 6-0.5 193lbs. 4.50/40

S - Brandon Meriweather - Miami 5-10.5 195lbs. 4.47/40

WR - Dwayne Jarrett - USC 6-4 220lbs. 4.62/40

In addition, there are two teams offering their #1 in 2008, and #2nd rounder, plus another 2nd day pick this year to the Cowboys. This is another option currently on the table and it will be considered, but will not be executed until #22 is on the clock.


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Jerry Jones Rules on Draft Day

First, let me make it clear I am not bashing Jerry Jones, but during Parcells' reign did we ever see Jerry hold a pre-draft declaration as he did today in his latest press conference. I think Jerry was very definitive in this latest PC; moreover, he pretty much let it be known that he is back and in FULL control come draft day.

Sure, we heard there will be input by the scouts, Ireland, and Coaches, but let's be real. Parcells had huge control on who we drafted during his tenure. The only thing that should concern some fans is the history of Jerry Jones' drafts. Jimmy and Bill had their control, but rest assured, the big boss is back in full control. Let's hope he has learned from past draft class busts and lead us with another solid draft.


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Draft Talk: Russell Will Not Be #1 Overall Pick

While the consensus think that JaMarcus Russell will be the #1 Overall pick in this year's draft I don't believe this at all. Here's why: The Raiders need immediate talent on offense and Russell would need a year or two on the bench. He has a big arm, who cares, so what. Russell, in my opinion has "bust" written all over him. LSU simply has not put out very solid players in a long time, let alone at QB.

In addition, its a known fact that Al Davis still likes Andrew Walter, a 3rd round pick a few years ago, but, there is noise in Detroit which could make QB Josh McCown available via trade or from release from the Lions. Davis will take McCown. There's also a possibility that Daunte Culpepper could reunite with Moss in Oakland, his release from the Dolphins is imminent. Even though Culpepper would be a risky acquisition, it could pay off.

My take: The Raiders are going to draft WR Calvin Johnson - Georgia Tech. He's the best player in this draft and a sure shot impact starter. This also protects them in the future should the team decide to cut ties with Moss next year.


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Miles Austin and Coach Read

News is slow right now, but let's get pumped over some special teams talk shall we... As I'm sitting here thinking about the Cowboys, I can't help but wonder how much ass we're going to kick on special teams, coupled with a full year with Miles Austin as the returner, we should be set for a pretty good year overall.

I chose Miles Austin as our Offensive Rookie of The Year at our homesite, and with a year under his belt I'm pumped. We haven't had a solid returner since Kevin Williams and Kelvin Martin before him, so this is something to look forward to.

Special Teams doesn't get the recognition that it should, and I just want to get the fans excited for this upcoming year and look forward to some good field position in our favor.

Coach Read is a well accomplished Special Teams Coach that has developed some top tier units at the collegiate and NFL level and I believe Coach Phillips made a good selection in Read.

Get pumped and Go Cowboys!