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Wade Phillips Wants Michael Turner in Dallas

Well, well, well,... look what the rumormill has brought to the table. RB Michael Turner is a restricted free agent and is garnering some interest from several clubs, including the Cowboys.

"The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Cowboys are one of four teams that have shown interest in acquiring Turner, a restricted free agent. The asking price, according to the report: first- and third-round picks, although the Chargers could be willing to take one of those picks in next year's draft."

Although I love what we have in Julius Jones and Marion Barber in the backfield, I could live with Burner Turner back there too.

Back in this Blog in Jan. 2004, I predicted here first that the Cowboys should take Michael Turner with that #22 pick. Not many people like the idea much, and most were simple sold on the hot names at the time; Steven Jackson, Kevin Jones, and Greg Jones. Of those three, Jackson is probably the solid pick there, the others have been virtual busts unfortunately.

Fast forward to the 2007 offseason, and Michael Turner is a hot commodity, more mainstream now, the only issue is the price to attain him - 1st round and 3rd round picks.

So why would the Cowboys have interest? Wade Phillips, that's why. He saw first hand what kind of player Turner is, and how dynamic he is. Turner really is a starting RB stuck behind LT, this situation mirrors that of Matt Schaub, a starting caliber QB stuck behind another "superstar" in Mike Vick.

If someone does get Michael Turner, they are getting a pretty good RB, with immediate impact play.

So basically, IF the Cowboys wanted Turner, you can guarentee that Jones would be traded for at most a 2nd rounder or at least a 3rd round pick, this would lighten the hit in giving up our 1st rounder this year. We would trade the 1st this year, and our 3rd next year for Turner. Trade Julius for a 2nd, giving us (2) 2nd round picks, not bad actually, considering the talent level that will be available in the 2nd round. It is very doable. The wild card here is Wade's impact on any decision in bringing on Turner. Let's see what happens.


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