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No, Julius Jones is NOT going to be traded.

Its that silly time of the year, rumormill time, when we are trading players, trading up in the draft, and all that crazyness.

Here's a funny news snippet I found on the web:

Cowboys | J. Jones available at the right price

Paul Domowitch, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones is available for the right price, but the team is not actively shopping him.

OOOOOOOOO, WOW, but isn't that the case for any player on any team in the NFL. Anyone can make these broad guesses, give me a break.

Look, Julius Jones is not going to be traded. Jason Garrett will utilize the two-headed attack; moreover, this ground attack will be devastating to defenses around the league. Why in the world would Jason Garrett want to trade Julius Jones away. Why would Garrett in his 1st year as an Offensive Coordinator want to go another route? It doesn't jive and it wouldn't make sense.

Julius Jones has been very productive and he will continue to do so. How sure are you that Marion Barber could carry the load for 16 games? MB3 runs hard everytime he has the ball in the current system - give MB3 the ball every down with his style and his body will take a toll. Nothing against what MB3 can do, its just the nature of the grueling season. Parcells said this is becoming a two-back league, and you're seeing teams utilize two-backs more and more.

We're keeping Julius and we're keeping MB3. The true tale of the tape will come when these players enter their contract years, this is when we'll see who the Cowboys really want, and which one they'd be willing to cut loose. Until then, Julius is back, case closed.


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