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Ken Hamlin Not a Sure Shot Starter

Before everyone crowns Ken Hamlin the FS starter, let's examine why we signed Hamlin. First, I'd like to say I like this addition, and glad we added depth at the "safety" position. That being said, I'm going on record as saying that Hamlin is NOT a sure shot starter.

Well, some of you may say we wouldn't pay Hamlin $2.5 mil to be a backup, for depth?? and I would say why not? He's a proven veteran at the safety position, and somewhat of a need for US, but he's no superstar at FS by any means. And if Hamlin was a "superstar" FS or even a "really good" safety why then has he lasted so long in free agency, especially in an offseason when average to good players are landing huge contracts?

The reality is that Hamlin will compete for the starting job at FS, but you can bet Watkins will be right there if not better, especially with a season under his belt. Don't be surprised if Watkins is still the starting FS. I do see Hamlin as a decent safety. He's known more for his big hits and not much of a ballhawk, he's probably more like a Keith Davis in coverage to be real. In fact, Hamlin had some major breakdowns in deep pass coverage last season, and not that Watkins had some problems here and there, but he was a rookie, Hamlin is a vet...

Hamlin has had 8 ints in 54 games
Watkins had 3 ints his rookie season, in 1yr.

I see the Cowboys using all 3 safeties during the course of a game. The Cowboys want Roy closer to the line, so we could see some sort of hybrid formation where Roy is indeed closer to the line, and Hamlin moves to SS, and Watkins at FS, this is probably more of what we're going to see.

The signing of Hamlin does kill the idea of Henry moving to FS; however, with his durability being suspect, and an aging Aaron Glenn, we could pull the trigger on a DB early in this draft.


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