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Average Free Agents Setting Benchmarks for 2008

Ok, so free agency kicked off, and WOW! I'm just amazed by how much money is being thrown to average players on the market, good players at best, no one solid. Case in point - Nate Clements deal of $80 million with $22million signing bonus. I mean come one now...get real, you gotta be kiddin' me right?

Clements isn't the only one cashing in big in this year's free agency period. Eric Steinbach, is getting nearly $50million with his new deal, and same for Derrick Dockery. Again, these are not players that wow anyone, they fill voids, but this year, these average free agents are setting the benchmark for very good players in 2008. What kind of payouts are we going to see next year?

One other player, Leonard Davis visited the Cowboys, and wants a big payout as well. The Cowboys seem to be passing on this one, but the bigger question is, how and when can they get Colombo re-signed? Colombo is solid and will garner attention from "smarter" clubs not willing to dish out big bucks for average type players.

If Colombo gets away, we're left with a decimated right side of the line. Rivera coming back is absolutely not a viable option, and why haven't we released him yet is mind boggling. If you keep Rivera, and sign some no name to the RT, we're in serious trouble.

The wild card here, is Cory Procter. Only Coach Sparano knows what we really have in Procter, and for all we know, he could be this year's Colombo. If Colombo or Davis are not signed, and Rivera is released, we're looking at drafting Offensive Lineman with the first pick.

Justin Blalock comes to mind, he can play RT or RG.


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