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Wade Phillips Wants Michael Turner in Dallas

Well, well, well,... look what the rumormill has brought to the table. RB Michael Turner is a restricted free agent and is garnering some interest from several clubs, including the Cowboys.

"The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Cowboys are one of four teams that have shown interest in acquiring Turner, a restricted free agent. The asking price, according to the report: first- and third-round picks, although the Chargers could be willing to take one of those picks in next year's draft."

Although I love what we have in Julius Jones and Marion Barber in the backfield, I could live with Burner Turner back there too.

Back in this Blog in Jan. 2004, I predicted here first that the Cowboys should take Michael Turner with that #22 pick. Not many people like the idea much, and most were simple sold on the hot names at the time; Steven Jackson, Kevin Jones, and Greg Jones. Of those three, Jackson is probably the solid pick there, the others have been virtual busts unfortunately.

Fast forward to the 2007 offseason, and Michael Turner is a hot commodity, more mainstream now, the only issue is the price to attain him - 1st round and 3rd round picks.

So why would the Cowboys have interest? Wade Phillips, that's why. He saw first hand what kind of player Turner is, and how dynamic he is. Turner really is a starting RB stuck behind LT, this situation mirrors that of Matt Schaub, a starting caliber QB stuck behind another "superstar" in Mike Vick.

If someone does get Michael Turner, they are getting a pretty good RB, with immediate impact play.

So basically, IF the Cowboys wanted Turner, you can guarentee that Jones would be traded for at most a 2nd rounder or at least a 3rd round pick, this would lighten the hit in giving up our 1st rounder this year. We would trade the 1st this year, and our 3rd next year for Turner. Trade Julius for a 2nd, giving us (2) 2nd round picks, not bad actually, considering the talent level that will be available in the 2nd round. It is very doable. The wild card here is Wade's impact on any decision in bringing on Turner. Let's see what happens.


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Cowboys Current Draft Pick Order Thru Round 7

Below are the current picks the Cowboys have available for this year's NFL draft. We've got quite a few 6th & 7th round picks which could be used in some packaged deals to move up a few spots somewhere in the draft, or we may just sit and keep them all.

1st round - 22nd overall
2nd round - 53rd overall
3rd round - 87th overall
4th round - 122nd overall
5th round - 159th overall
6th - 195th overall
6th - 200th overall (from the Jets for Hunter)
7th - 212th overall (from the Jets for TE Sean Ryan)
7th - 234th overall
7th - 237th overall (from the Saints for LB Scott Shanle)


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Ken Hamlin Not a Sure Shot Starter

Before everyone crowns Ken Hamlin the FS starter, let's examine why we signed Hamlin. First, I'd like to say I like this addition, and glad we added depth at the "safety" position. That being said, I'm going on record as saying that Hamlin is NOT a sure shot starter.

Well, some of you may say we wouldn't pay Hamlin $2.5 mil to be a backup, for depth?? and I would say why not? He's a proven veteran at the safety position, and somewhat of a need for US, but he's no superstar at FS by any means. And if Hamlin was a "superstar" FS or even a "really good" safety why then has he lasted so long in free agency, especially in an offseason when average to good players are landing huge contracts?

The reality is that Hamlin will compete for the starting job at FS, but you can bet Watkins will be right there if not better, especially with a season under his belt. Don't be surprised if Watkins is still the starting FS. I do see Hamlin as a decent safety. He's known more for his big hits and not much of a ballhawk, he's probably more like a Keith Davis in coverage to be real. In fact, Hamlin had some major breakdowns in deep pass coverage last season, and not that Watkins had some problems here and there, but he was a rookie, Hamlin is a vet...

Hamlin has had 8 ints in 54 games
Watkins had 3 ints his rookie season, in 1yr.

I see the Cowboys using all 3 safeties during the course of a game. The Cowboys want Roy closer to the line, so we could see some sort of hybrid formation where Roy is indeed closer to the line, and Hamlin moves to SS, and Watkins at FS, this is probably more of what we're going to see.

The signing of Hamlin does kill the idea of Henry moving to FS; however, with his durability being suspect, and an aging Aaron Glenn, we could pull the trigger on a DB early in this draft.


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No, Julius Jones is NOT going to be traded.

Its that silly time of the year, rumormill time, when we are trading players, trading up in the draft, and all that crazyness.

Here's a funny news snippet I found on the web:

Cowboys | J. Jones available at the right price

Paul Domowitch, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones is available for the right price, but the team is not actively shopping him.

OOOOOOOOO, WOW, but isn't that the case for any player on any team in the NFL. Anyone can make these broad guesses, give me a break.

Look, Julius Jones is not going to be traded. Jason Garrett will utilize the two-headed attack; moreover, this ground attack will be devastating to defenses around the league. Why in the world would Jason Garrett want to trade Julius Jones away. Why would Garrett in his 1st year as an Offensive Coordinator want to go another route? It doesn't jive and it wouldn't make sense.

Julius Jones has been very productive and he will continue to do so. How sure are you that Marion Barber could carry the load for 16 games? MB3 runs hard everytime he has the ball in the current system - give MB3 the ball every down with his style and his body will take a toll. Nothing against what MB3 can do, its just the nature of the grueling season. Parcells said this is becoming a two-back league, and you're seeing teams utilize two-backs more and more.

We're keeping Julius and we're keeping MB3. The true tale of the tape will come when these players enter their contract years, this is when we'll see who the Cowboys really want, and which one they'd be willing to cut loose. Until then, Julius is back, case closed.


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Jerry Jones Visits CowboysBlog.Net

Its obvious Jerry Jones took my advice on signing former Vikings QB Brad Johnson as our backup quarterback. Of course I'm joking, but I did call it here a few blogs ago, sometimes we land predictions, but we're wrong most of the time, luckily this time around Brad Johnson was indeed signed.

Johnson brings instant credibility to the quarterback corps and is a very solid #2 which could probably be a starter on a few franchises in this league.

Thank You Jerry Jones. Now, let's get Colombo signed-sealed-and delivered before the weekend. Locking down the offensive line will give us great flexibility in the draft.


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Average Free Agents Setting Benchmarks for 2008

Ok, so free agency kicked off, and WOW! I'm just amazed by how much money is being thrown to average players on the market, good players at best, no one solid. Case in point - Nate Clements deal of $80 million with $22million signing bonus. I mean come one now...get real, you gotta be kiddin' me right?

Clements isn't the only one cashing in big in this year's free agency period. Eric Steinbach, is getting nearly $50million with his new deal, and same for Derrick Dockery. Again, these are not players that wow anyone, they fill voids, but this year, these average free agents are setting the benchmark for very good players in 2008. What kind of payouts are we going to see next year?

One other player, Leonard Davis visited the Cowboys, and wants a big payout as well. The Cowboys seem to be passing on this one, but the bigger question is, how and when can they get Colombo re-signed? Colombo is solid and will garner attention from "smarter" clubs not willing to dish out big bucks for average type players.

If Colombo gets away, we're left with a decimated right side of the line. Rivera coming back is absolutely not a viable option, and why haven't we released him yet is mind boggling. If you keep Rivera, and sign some no name to the RT, we're in serious trouble.

The wild card here, is Cory Procter. Only Coach Sparano knows what we really have in Procter, and for all we know, he could be this year's Colombo. If Colombo or Davis are not signed, and Rivera is released, we're looking at drafting Offensive Lineman with the first pick.

Justin Blalock comes to mind, he can play RT or RG.