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Wade Phillips Plucked as Cowboys Next Head Coach

After weeks of wild rumors and speculation, Jerry Jones has made his decision and Wade Phillips is our next Head Coach. I have to admit when there was speculation of Wade being a candidate I was turned off by the thought. I remembered Phillips as a failed Head Coach in his past en devours, but upon further research, Phillips lead several of his former teams to the playoffs, and Phillips drafted some solid defensive players along the way.

Norv Turner looked to be a lock just a few days ago, but Jerry came full circle and hired the guy he interviewed first. I strongly believe that somehow someway this pick had some influence from our former Head Coach, Bill Parcells. Parcells is a 3-4 guy at heart, and I would think he gave some sort of blessing or nod on Wade Phillips possibly being the next guy in Dallas and Jerry trusts Bill.

Phillips will bring a dynamic innovative 3-4 to the front, and this bodes well for the players we have invested in. Parcells has drafted pretty good players, and Wade will bring his agressive 3-4 pressure oriented schemes to the table -very exciting, and I'm looking forward to the defense this coming year.

You already know what the next topic of conversation is going to be in the coming weeks, and that's Jason Garrett, how does Garrett fit into the scheme of the offense, will he be the top OC, or just positional offensive coach, is he indeed ready? I think we'll find this out soon.

And then there's the NFL Combine and NFL Draft. I fully trust that Wade and with the help of Ireland's Scouting Department he will make a solid pick defensively early if we go that route or will it be Garrett's input that gets us a big offensive lineman, or wide receiver early. What holes do we need to look at filling or upgrade at?

One thing is for sure, the Cowboys offseason is going to be exciting! Get pumped, let's get this thing going baby! Go Cowboys!


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