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Parcells Instrumental in Phillips Hiring?

There's a strong notion that former Cowboys Coach, Bill Parcells was instrumental in the hiring process that ultimately lead to Jerry picking Wade Phillips. I thought this all along, and the proof is evident as Parcells stuck around for a week and a half after he declared his retirement. Jerry Jones asked for Parcells' input, his assistance, and he even had Parcells' involved in the screening process for the first couple of major candidates that came through the door. There appears to be other media pundits that think the same:

"Bill Parcells
' marinara-stained fingerprints are all over the decision to hire Wade Phillips. Owner Jerry Jones will argue otherwise, and it's somewhat true. But think about it. Do you really think that old-school Parcells' parting advice to Jones was to hire an offense-savvy California guy such as Norv Turner? As owner, Jones felt he had a choice to make. He chose defense over offense. DeMarcus Ware over Tony Romo.
-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram"


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