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Packaged Announcement From Jerry Next Week

It looks like Norv is still the preferred the choice, and the wait on the announcement is due to Jerry waiting to interview Rivera for the HC position, but probably more likely as s potential DC. This will bode well for Rivera, the Cowboys are more visible and demand more media attention than the Chicago Bears. A DC position with the Cowboys would continue to elevate Rivera into a HC within the next season or two. If Jerry can bring on Rivera as the DC, then there will be a packaged announcement from Jerry - They will announce the new HC and DC at the same press conference. I could live with Turner, Rivera, and Garrett.


  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger James said…

    I could live with Turner, Rivera, and Garrett.

    Me, too! I wouldn't mind Dave Campo back as DC, either, but Rivera would be a fresh face.


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