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New Regime Spotted At Irvin's HOF Conference

In one of the high points in Die Hard Cowboys History, Michael Irvin was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame. The voters finally got this one right after two consecutive colossal foul-ups. Irvin deserved to be in the HOF, and now he is among the elite. Irvin called this his "validation" and as fans we had validated his legacy in Cowboys Lore a long-long time ago. Congrats Michael, I look forward to your HOF speech!

The interesting backdrop story was Jerry Jones and "his entourage" in attendance. Behind the scenes, in the green room there was a quick glimpse of Jerry and Norv. Perhaps seeing these two was a coincidence, after all, Norv was a huge piece of the puzzle during those two SuperBowls with Jimmy, and he's a close friend of Irvin. But one could only put one-and-one together and see this as further evidence that Norv is going to be the next HC. Later, when Irvin arrived, the camera got another glimpse of what looked to be the new regime - Jerry was sitting in the back with Turner, and now Garrett. Hmmmmm, this makes a strong case for what sure appears to be the new regime.

This really seals the deal for me, and ends ALL other speculation on the next HC, this leads me to believe that Jerry has 75% of the key parts of his coaching staff in place, that being Norv and Jason on the offensive side, but now Jerry is interviewing for potential stars on the defensive side of the ball. Ron Rivera is that star on the defensive side of the ball, and getting Rivera on board as the DC could indeed bring the 2nd coming of the glory days of the '90s. That's what everyone has been waiting for since Jimmy and Switzer left, and that's what we had hoped when Parcells took over a dismal team, and now we can have some hope if Rivera takes over the defense. Think about what Rivera would bring to the defense: real discipline, proven defensive schemes, accountability, innovation, motivation and more.

Let's get the defensive side of the ball in the bag Jerry. Go Cowboys!


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