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Gurode Extended, Sparano and Garrett Updates

Andre Gurode was extended to a new contract, thus taking him off the market before free agency begins. Gurode is said to have received a new 6yr deal, which should pay him 4-5million a year, plus a sizable signing bonus.

A decision has been made as to what titles Tony Sparano and Jason Garrett will be given. Sparano has just been given a raise along with a contract extension through the 2009 season - he will be the Assistant Head Coach. Garrett has been named the Offensive Coordinator and now begins the test for the budding offensive mind. Whether or not Garrett will be given 100% control of calling plays has not be fully determined.

from DC.COM:
While both Sparano and Garrett figure to have major roles in the structure and organization of the offense, Phillips said he has not decided who will call the plays next season.

"We're not going to get into that right now," Phillips said. "We're setting up everything for the season. Actually, they just started working on the formations - what formations we're going to be in. It'll be a little while before we proceed there."

Jerry Jones has stated that the offense will not change, while I would agree with Jones, I'm certain we'll see more aggression and a few more schemes for the gameplan. Garrett wants to utilize the fullback, but he will need to find someone he feels comfortable using. Oliver Hoyte was turned into a FB under Parcells. At 6-3 250, he certainly has the size, and was a serviceable back, but I would imagine, Garrett would like a true FB, with solid blocking, bruiser running, and hands. Could soon to be free agent TJ Duckett fit into the mix at 6-0 254 lbs? We'll have to see how this all plays out.

Phillips Coaching Staff still has a few posts to be filled, that being, Special Teams, Defensive Coordinator, and possibly a Quarterbacks Coach. Its believed that Bowles is at the top of the list to become the DC, but nothing official has been announced which makes you wonder what the wait is? Is Phillips waiting to see how the coaching staff works itself out in San Diego? There's still a possibility that some of Phillips understudy's could come aboard if they are relieved in SD.


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