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GM President's Day Campaign - Ultra Annoying

This is off topic, but is it me or is General Motors (GM) getting desperate. All week I've been tortured by those ultra annoying commercials. GM has obviously fallen by the wayside, and has invested millions of dollars in this President's Day Campaign. The music tune that is in the commercial is horrible as it mixes "hail to the chief" with a carefully orchestrated rearranged rip off of 50 cent's "In da Club" - this crap on the air in itself makes me NOT want to buy another GM product. Who is this campaign targeting anyway? Someone in GM's PR team needs to get the boot. Just horrible.

This is just blantant desperate measures from a failing company, its sad. As I write this off-topic piece, I've seen several other complaints in message boards and other blogs about this horrible GM President's Day Campaign. What a complete bust...


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