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Romo's Fumbling Problem Cost Us BIG

Its been 10 years since the Cowboys won a playoff game, and this has to be the worst feeling a die hard Cowboys fan could feel at this moment. When you think about what happened here, I remember telling my father, "Romo better not fumble this ball," what are the odds! But, then again, Romo has had a fumbling problem especially the end of the season. Romo has a big problem with fumbles and this one cost us BIG.

Is this correctable? Hopefully this part of his mechanics can be fixed, or he will be the next Dave Craig, a former Seahawk of all things, how freakin ironic is that?!

The ramifications of this loss could be huge. There's no question in my mind that there will be big changes in Dallas. I think the Cowboys are where the Bucs where at a few years ago. They had the talent, but the coaches could not get them over the hump, this could be the same problem in Dallas. Players are NOT responding to coach Parcells.

The change to the 3-4 could be seen as a failure, and if that's the case, what do you do with the players we've drafted for the 3-4? I think these players could still be involved in the 4-3, but we do need more speed on defense, we have size, but no enough speed.

The offensive line is not big enough, we aren't moving people off the line enough.

Who knows, we'll see what happens? Be prepared for some bigtime changes.


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