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Parcells Retires, Coach Search Underway

Right off the bat, I will say I do not a proven failure in Wade Phillips as our head coach. He's head coached twice and was mediocre during both those outings. Cross him off the list, unless you want more of the same mediocracy.

I think our team is on the edge of dominance. Let's get someone that can get players motivated and someone who can be consistent. There are three realistic coaches I want us to take good look at and two wildcards**:

1.Mike Singletary: great motivater, intense, disciplanarian, he would turn this defensive squad into a swarming defense, but would need an offensive coordinator to compliment the defense.

2. Bob Stoops: Built up the Sooners program, and has been a consistent coach with the talent, could be the youthful influx that we need.

3. Ron Rivera: Same as Singletary, but probably more ready at this point in his career to take a HC position.

4.**Charlie Weis: This could be the wildcard, but one coach I would want to have in Dallas, he comes from a great coaching tree, and a proven coach. The big snag is the $21million buyout clause in his contract.

5.** Jimmy Johnson: Probably the most unrealistic choice, but what if, just what if Jerry could convince Jimmy to come back. Jimmy could build his staff together and would have the players, and fans pumped up for the 2007 season and beyond.


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