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Norv Turner Wants to Choose His Defensive Coordinator

It's safe to say that Norv is going to be the Head Coach, question now is, who is going to run the defensive. Apparently Norv has someone in mind to run the defense, and it could end up being Rob Ryan, a defensive minded coach who is on the rise according to several NFL sources. When Norv signed on in Oakland he chose Rob Ryan to be his defensive coordinator, and there's a possibility Ryan could be who Turner is thinking of.

But if not Ryan, how about Mike Singletary from the 49ers defensive staff? The interesting twist here is that Jerry has scheduled to interview Mike Singletary supposedly for the HC spot, but what if this is more of a "getting to know you better" type interview. Maybe Turner, recommended that he wants to bring Mike in for a look, and Jones would give his blessing later.

The interview Jones is having with Singletary further supports the idea Turner wants his own person on defense, and who could blame him, he is going to be the HC afterall.

NFL Network's Adam Shefter, is also reporting a similar take on the defensive coordinator outlook for Norv Turner:

"Norv Turner told Jerry Jones he had a specific defensive coordinator and personnel guy that he'd have to bring to Dallas before taking the Cowboys job. The decision may not come for a few days because Jones may interview another coaching candidate. Turner seems to be the favorite for the job, but Jones may want to pick his defensive coach"


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