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Head Coach Announcement Delayed, Here's Why

Could Jerry be "bumping" into Jimmy at the Super Bowl?Let me just start by stating what I think could happen is pure speculation. So here we go, why is the announcement of the next Head Coach being delayed until after the Super Bowl in Miami? Two Words - Jimmy Johnson. Some may say no way, "someone asked him, and a friend of his said he said no way" well that's not a strong enough statement for me at this point, we have not heard it by the man himself. So here we are 7 candidates and no one has been chosen yet. The very-very interesting statements Jerry said at his latest media interview just build-up the suspense and offer more intrigue to Cowboys Nation.

Here are some keep quotes from the media interview:

"There is a possibility that there will be more candidates"

Well, that's interesting, I'm sure everyone at some point thought Wade or Norv was a lock, so why wait until after the Super Bowl in Miami?

"We've got a good football and we've got to get this right"

Even more interesting, I mean, this kinda points to some uncertainty with all the candidates, Jerry wants to get this right, and maybe he has not been completely sold.

"Again, its possible I will be interviewing more candidates"

Oh yeah, like who?? Who else could possibly be out there to interview? Ron Rivera AFTER the Super Bowl? Unlikely, if he wanted to, Jerry could have interviewed and hired Rivera, several coordinators have accepted jobs in the past before their last game in the Super Bowl.

"At least one of the candidates will be down at the Super Bowl or two really , we'll probably be bumping into them"

This is where it get extremely interesting, who could Jerry possibly be bumping into, and I would think this has already been arranged, Jerry is just being generically evasive. Question is, who is Jerry going to bump into and interview? hhhmmmmmmm...

A reporter asked Jerry if they (candidate) are on the Colts or Bears staff, "not neccesarily"

More flames to the fire, this person is not neccesarily on the Super Bowl teams' staffs? Then who could he possibly be bumping into? Who does he know could get this team over the hump and to the Super Bowl with ZERO uncertainty?

This smells like Jerry making one last push for Jimmy Johnson. I think Jerry is enamored with Garrett, he spoke with Norv for a very long time, and all the memories are fresh in his mind, he's made amends with Jimmy, and this could be the big headline after the Super Bowl, this would steal the limelight from the SuperBowl completely, and everyone knows it. It just makes sense. Jerry and Jimmy in Miami, bumping into each other. Blam, you heard it here first! If I'm wrong that's fine, its just pure speculation, but man would that be exciting news!


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