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Cowher Craze - Get Over it

Alright, I'm sick of all the people screaming to hire Bill Cowher, what is so special about this guy? He had one very magical season with Rothlisberger, that's it. He can get his teams to the playoffs every now and then assuming he were to coach the Cowboys to 15 If Cowher were to be the coach for the Cowboys expect mediocracy, nothing more. A playoff appearance here and there in 5 years wont get it done. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

We would be in a loop going from Parcells to Cowher, forget it, I want no part of that.

Looking at the horizon right now, the future seems bleak unless Parcells stays and REALLY overhauls the defense and offense, and I don't see him investing in another 2 years. If he is to leave then his replacement will need to come in and get the offense and defense in gear, anything less is going to be unacceptable.


  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    are you kidding me? look at bill cowher's career record. and you say he made the playoffs every so often. maybe before you make these stupid comments you should do a little research. if you did you would see that cowher took the steelers to the playoffs almost as much as any franchise in his tenure. any time would and should love to have him as their head coach but if he was going to coach he would still be with the steelers because like every other team in the league they would love to have him as well.


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