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Cowboys Nation: Its Norv Turner

The writing is on the wall, and some of Turner's comments point to him being the next Head Coach of The Dallas Cowboys. Let's just take a look at some excerpts from

"Oh, there's no question, this is a great job," Turner said. "This is a good football team. I think the things that Coach Parcells has done have left this team in a position where good things are going to happen for it. It's a great job."

Unlike the other coaching choices Turner has taken on, none would be anything near as good a situation as this one. One would be hard pressed to find any coach that could have turned around the Redskins or Oakland into champions. In this situation, Norv would be coming into a playoff rostered team with a very good core of team players - something Norv did not have in his past ventures.

"The thing that I'm anxious to do is do it right, and get a great staff and do it with someone who wants to do everything you've got to do to win," Turner said. "And that's what I see here."

Most of the offensive assistants under Parcells have bolted for other opportunities, with the exception of Tony Sparano and tigh ends coach Freddie Kitchens.

Other than Sparano and Kitchens, the Cowboys just signed Jason Garrett who is expected to be the new offensive coordinator, and the quote that speaks volumes is this one:

"Well, when I was hired in Oakland, I tried to hire Jason Garrett," said Turner, who coached Garrett for two years here in Dallas. "So that tells you a little bit about how I feel about Jason. He's coached a couple of years now. And even though he hasn't been coaching, he has been acting like a coach for several years now. He's helped a lot of guys get ready to play."

There you have it guys! Turner tried to get Garrett in Oakland, but it didn't happen, well guess what...Garrett signed on a few days ago, and this quote would lend you to believe this is the scenario that fits perfectly for Norv Turner - he has his guy in Garrett. Consider this a done deal. I will now be shocked if Jerry goes with someone else, Jerry is one would likes familiarity, and he has it sitting in his lap with Jason Garrett and Norv Turner, the biggest question now will be - The Defense. Will it be Bowles at the helm, will we keep the 3-4. Stay tuned.

Expect an official announcement by Tuesday, I don't see Jerry holding everyone in suspense, plus this staff needs to get together and get ready for the NFL Draft Combines


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