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Head Coach Announcement Delayed, Here's Why

Could Jerry be "bumping" into Jimmy at the Super Bowl?Let me just start by stating what I think could happen is pure speculation. So here we go, why is the announcement of the next Head Coach being delayed until after the Super Bowl in Miami? Two Words - Jimmy Johnson. Some may say no way, "someone asked him, and a friend of his said he said no way" well that's not a strong enough statement for me at this point, we have not heard it by the man himself. So here we are 7 candidates and no one has been chosen yet. The very-very interesting statements Jerry said at his latest media interview just build-up the suspense and offer more intrigue to Cowboys Nation.

Here are some keep quotes from the media interview:

"There is a possibility that there will be more candidates"

Well, that's interesting, I'm sure everyone at some point thought Wade or Norv was a lock, so why wait until after the Super Bowl in Miami?

"We've got a good football and we've got to get this right"

Even more interesting, I mean, this kinda points to some uncertainty with all the candidates, Jerry wants to get this right, and maybe he has not been completely sold.

"Again, its possible I will be interviewing more candidates"

Oh yeah, like who?? Who else could possibly be out there to interview? Ron Rivera AFTER the Super Bowl? Unlikely, if he wanted to, Jerry could have interviewed and hired Rivera, several coordinators have accepted jobs in the past before their last game in the Super Bowl.

"At least one of the candidates will be down at the Super Bowl or two really , we'll probably be bumping into them"

This is where it get extremely interesting, who could Jerry possibly be bumping into, and I would think this has already been arranged, Jerry is just being generically evasive. Question is, who is Jerry going to bump into and interview? hhhmmmmmmm...

A reporter asked Jerry if they (candidate) are on the Colts or Bears staff, "not neccesarily"

More flames to the fire, this person is not neccesarily on the Super Bowl teams' staffs? Then who could he possibly be bumping into? Who does he know could get this team over the hump and to the Super Bowl with ZERO uncertainty?

This smells like Jerry making one last push for Jimmy Johnson. I think Jerry is enamored with Garrett, he spoke with Norv for a very long time, and all the memories are fresh in his mind, he's made amends with Jimmy, and this could be the big headline after the Super Bowl, this would steal the limelight from the SuperBowl completely, and everyone knows it. It just makes sense. Jerry and Jimmy in Miami, bumping into each other. Blam, you heard it here first! If I'm wrong that's fine, its just pure speculation, but man would that be exciting news!


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Norv Turner Wants to Choose His Defensive Coordinator

It's safe to say that Norv is going to be the Head Coach, question now is, who is going to run the defensive. Apparently Norv has someone in mind to run the defense, and it could end up being Rob Ryan, a defensive minded coach who is on the rise according to several NFL sources. When Norv signed on in Oakland he chose Rob Ryan to be his defensive coordinator, and there's a possibility Ryan could be who Turner is thinking of.

But if not Ryan, how about Mike Singletary from the 49ers defensive staff? The interesting twist here is that Jerry has scheduled to interview Mike Singletary supposedly for the HC spot, but what if this is more of a "getting to know you better" type interview. Maybe Turner, recommended that he wants to bring Mike in for a look, and Jones would give his blessing later.

The interview Jones is having with Singletary further supports the idea Turner wants his own person on defense, and who could blame him, he is going to be the HC afterall.

NFL Network's Adam Shefter, is also reporting a similar take on the defensive coordinator outlook for Norv Turner:

"Norv Turner told Jerry Jones he had a specific defensive coordinator and personnel guy that he'd have to bring to Dallas before taking the Cowboys job. The decision may not come for a few days because Jones may interview another coaching candidate. Turner seems to be the favorite for the job, but Jones may want to pick his defensive coach"


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Cowboys Nation: Its Norv Turner

The writing is on the wall, and some of Turner's comments point to him being the next Head Coach of The Dallas Cowboys. Let's just take a look at some excerpts from

"Oh, there's no question, this is a great job," Turner said. "This is a good football team. I think the things that Coach Parcells has done have left this team in a position where good things are going to happen for it. It's a great job."

Unlike the other coaching choices Turner has taken on, none would be anything near as good a situation as this one. One would be hard pressed to find any coach that could have turned around the Redskins or Oakland into champions. In this situation, Norv would be coming into a playoff rostered team with a very good core of team players - something Norv did not have in his past ventures.

"The thing that I'm anxious to do is do it right, and get a great staff and do it with someone who wants to do everything you've got to do to win," Turner said. "And that's what I see here."

Most of the offensive assistants under Parcells have bolted for other opportunities, with the exception of Tony Sparano and tigh ends coach Freddie Kitchens.

Other than Sparano and Kitchens, the Cowboys just signed Jason Garrett who is expected to be the new offensive coordinator, and the quote that speaks volumes is this one:

"Well, when I was hired in Oakland, I tried to hire Jason Garrett," said Turner, who coached Garrett for two years here in Dallas. "So that tells you a little bit about how I feel about Jason. He's coached a couple of years now. And even though he hasn't been coaching, he has been acting like a coach for several years now. He's helped a lot of guys get ready to play."

There you have it guys! Turner tried to get Garrett in Oakland, but it didn't happen, well guess what...Garrett signed on a few days ago, and this quote would lend you to believe this is the scenario that fits perfectly for Norv Turner - he has his guy in Garrett. Consider this a done deal. I will now be shocked if Jerry goes with someone else, Jerry is one would likes familiarity, and he has it sitting in his lap with Jason Garrett and Norv Turner, the biggest question now will be - The Defense. Will it be Bowles at the helm, will we keep the 3-4. Stay tuned.

Expect an official announcement by Tuesday, I don't see Jerry holding everyone in suspense, plus this staff needs to get together and get ready for the NFL Draft Combines


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Head Coach Race Down to Two

The consensus says the coaching vacancy for our beloved Cowboys is between two coaching assistants, Chargers Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips and 49ers Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner.

Knowing this, let's look at why either one of these will be chosen and the reason behind it

IF the Cowboys choose Wade Phillips, it will be because Jerry thinks Garrett will get the offense going and the offense will move the ball at the same level if not better than last year. So, if Jerry thinks the offense will be ok, he will turn to Wade to get the defense where it should be, and then we're looking at being in the thick of things again if not better. In this scenario, I see Phillips as HC, Garrett as OC, and Bowles as DC.

IF the Cowboys choose Norv Turner, it will be because Jerry is confident that Norv and Garrett will produce an extremely explosive offense, thus the defense would not be so pressured to be anything better than just good. In this scenario, I see Turner as HC, Garrett as OC, and Bowles as DC.

So how have these guys done in the draft as HC?

Phillips has drafted some solid defensive players while at the Bills, and has had input with the players drafted with the Chargers - pretty solid.

Turner on the other hand has not drafted as well in defense with the exception of Champ Bailey, Turner drafted some solid lineman while at Washington with Jansen and Samuels.

So, if you ask yourself WHY WE FAILED last season, you would say the defense fail apart, and the 3-4 is not as cracked up to be. If you say this, Wade Phillips would be the logical choice and probably the better choice in getting the Cowboys over the hump. Phillips' 3-4 scheme brings a lot of pressure and is explosive - we need this in the 3-4.

If you think it was the offense that failed then Turner would be the logical choice in turning around the offense, but statistically the Cowboys had one of the more explosive offenses in the league last season.

Although I'm not very high on either of these choices, going by what this team really needs is improvement or continuity with the 3-4, Wade Phillips would need to be the choice. He's drafted good players on defense and actually has a winning record and playoff experience as a HC. Turner at this point would only serve as a catalyst for the rise of Jason Garrett and further improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Turner has not had much success at all as a HC.

The real wild card here is this: Todd Bowles. I think in either scenario, Todd Bowls is the DC. There's no doubt in my mind Bowles would excel under Phillips, but how well would he do under Norv Turner? Can he be innovative on his own, has he learned enough under Parcells in the 3-4 to continue onward. If Bowles is the guy under Turner, we'll need him to really up the ante on this defensive squad - bigtime.


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Parcells Legacy Will Be the Players He Drafted

Parcells Legacy Will be the players he drafted/signed not our record over his 4 year career here. Do you agree with this?

I think he has really developed a really great foundation of strong core players:

Tony Romo
Julius Jones
Marion Barber III
Demarcus Ware
Terence Newman
Jason Witten
Bobby Carpenter
Patrick Crayton
Terry Glenn (traded for him)

I may be forgetting someone, but for the most part, those are some pretty damn good players, and I think these players will define Parcells Legacy, and if we win a SuperBowl next year or soon, I know these players will be thanking Parcells for forming them into what they are.

So was Parcells outing in Dallas a failure?, I would say no; conversely, I would say his stay in Dallas was very beneficial simply with the players he drafted/signed in Dallas. We will win a SuperBowl with "Parcells' Guys"

It was an up and down season, but in all seriousness, I want to Thank Bill Parcells for what he did for our team. He didn't get us to the SuperBowl, but he probably got us the players that will ultimately be part of a Super Bowl victory very soon!


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Reeves Could Be Intriguing

Is Dan Reeves the wild card in this coaching search? I believe he could be the guy in Dallas, and with Reeves will come Wade Phillips. During Dan Reeves runs in Atlanta and Denver his defensive assistant/coordinator was Wade Phillips.

Now comes the news that Reeves wants to coach again, and tonight Reeves made one step closer by coaching in the West/East Shrine game. Reeves led his West Unit to victory winning 21-3.

Phillips could still be the guy that Jerry wants, but what if way of being our defensive coordinator under Dan Reeves?

Its not a far reach considering the history Reeves and Phillips have together, coupled with uncertainty in San Diego after next year when Shottenheimers contract expires.

It could be in the best interest for Phillips to reunite with Reeves to lead the Cowboys back to the SuperBowl.
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Parcells Retires, Coach Search Underway

Right off the bat, I will say I do not a proven failure in Wade Phillips as our head coach. He's head coached twice and was mediocre during both those outings. Cross him off the list, unless you want more of the same mediocracy.

I think our team is on the edge of dominance. Let's get someone that can get players motivated and someone who can be consistent. There are three realistic coaches I want us to take good look at and two wildcards**:

1.Mike Singletary: great motivater, intense, disciplanarian, he would turn this defensive squad into a swarming defense, but would need an offensive coordinator to compliment the defense.

2. Bob Stoops: Built up the Sooners program, and has been a consistent coach with the talent, could be the youthful influx that we need.

3. Ron Rivera: Same as Singletary, but probably more ready at this point in his career to take a HC position.

4.**Charlie Weis: This could be the wildcard, but one coach I would want to have in Dallas, he comes from a great coaching tree, and a proven coach. The big snag is the $21million buyout clause in his contract.

5.** Jimmy Johnson: Probably the most unrealistic choice, but what if, just what if Jerry could convince Jimmy to come back. Jimmy could build his staff together and would have the players, and fans pumped up for the 2007 season and beyond.


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Evidence That Parcells is Returning; However...

When I first starting reading about how a room was reserved for Parcells in Mobile, Alabama - site of the Senior Bowl this seemed to be a logical idea pointing to Parcells returning for sure; however, its well known that the hotels in the area sellout rather quickly due to the players attending the game, families, and coaching staffs, scouts, etc. SO, even though there is a reservation for Parcells at a hotel for the Senior Bowl doesn't mean much other than the room was probably booked way in advance, and remains reserved incase Parcells does indeed return. We'll see what happens on Monday.

Let's keep waiting for the official word.


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More Stupidity

Mort said that Jerry Jones would hire Wade Phillips as the Head Coach if Parcells retires. This would be complete lunacy. Does anyone remember what a crap job Phillips did as a Head Coach? Haha, good one Mort, I'd rather eat rusted nails that bring on Wade Phillips and more mediocracy.

Let's hope Parcells makes his official decision on friday...


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Cowher Craze - Get Over it

Alright, I'm sick of all the people screaming to hire Bill Cowher, what is so special about this guy? He had one very magical season with Rothlisberger, that's it. He can get his teams to the playoffs every now and then assuming he were to coach the Cowboys to 15 If Cowher were to be the coach for the Cowboys expect mediocracy, nothing more. A playoff appearance here and there in 5 years wont get it done. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

We would be in a loop going from Parcells to Cowher, forget it, I want no part of that.

Looking at the horizon right now, the future seems bleak unless Parcells stays and REALLY overhauls the defense and offense, and I don't see him investing in another 2 years. If he is to leave then his replacement will need to come in and get the offense and defense in gear, anything less is going to be unacceptable.


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Where Do We Go From Here?

I woke up this morning following last night’s debacle and a very strange thing happened…the sun came up. Alright, so I didn’t actually see the sun, it was overcast and raining, typical Seattle weather for January, but I think I made my point. Life goes on.

The question now becomes, “Where do we go from here?”

Looking back at the Season, there are a lot of positives to build upon.

Despite putting up a poor performance last night, and pretty much all of December; Tony Romo proved that he has what it takes to lead the Cowboys into the future. Recently humbled, he should have a very good Off-Season of both mental and physical preparation ahead of him. Given his late start, he’ll probably never be the next Troy Aikman, but he could become the next Kurt Warner.

I was actually a bit surprised when I heard Al Michaels say that our Offensive Line started all seventeen games together. This often-maligned unit, pierced together from a journeymen Free Agent, a former pro-Bowler, a waiver–wire pick-up and a couple of homegrown players started every single game together without injury! Take away the False Starts and a few Holding Penalties and this crew is actually a pretty solid group of guys. That’s not to say we can’t improve among the Offensive Line, Flozell and Rivera are no Spring chickens, but it is conceivable that these same five guys could be starting together on opening day next year as well.

On Defense we finally started playing the 3-4 instead of learning it. If we decide to keep that Defensive philosophy, next year should see even more improvement. If lets say, Zimmer is gone and the Boys bring in a new Defensive Coordinator who shifts back to the 4-3, we are still looking at a pretty good, and young unit. I personally would favor something of a hybrid between the two where you bring in Gregg Ellis on passing situations to play Defensive End, either in the 4-3 or Nickel formation.

Our First Round Pick, Bobby Carpenter finally stepped up his play by Season’s end. He is big and fast and will surely grow into being an excellent complement to DeMarcus Ware.

It’s the Secondary that leaves a lot to be desired. Outside of Newman, everyone looked a year older and played like it this year, everyone except Patrick Watkins who looked more like big bird chasing rabbits into the Endzone each week. Here’s where I make my pitch for Free Agency. It’s time to bring in some proven experience, not another Fifth Round Draft pick. Is it just me, or does Anthony Henry look like he’s always playing Catch-up? How about moving him to Strong Safety on passing downs and let ole Roy Williams rest his tired little horse collar fingers instead of watching him get beat by 265 pound Tight Ends on every third down play. Let’s get a four-year veteran to play opposite Terrance Newman with both speed and cover skills, then this Secondary will be worth watching again.

Of course the two biggest questions surrounding the Dallas Cowboys going into the Off-Season will be, “Is T.O. coming back?” and “Will Bill Parcells retire or be shown the door?” Diplomatic Jerry says there’s no doubt both will return. I guess I’m OK with that, but my dream scenario involves a Draft Day trade involving T.O. and Bill Cowher eventually bringing a sense of excitement to the Dallas sideline that has been sorely missing since Joe Avezzano left town.

Am I upset that the Season is over for my beloved Dallas Cowboys, absolutely. Disappointed would actually describe it best, but as we say every year that we don’t end up clutching the Lombardi Trophy, there’s always next year.
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Romo's Fumbling Problem Cost Us BIG

Its been 10 years since the Cowboys won a playoff game, and this has to be the worst feeling a die hard Cowboys fan could feel at this moment. When you think about what happened here, I remember telling my father, "Romo better not fumble this ball," what are the odds! But, then again, Romo has had a fumbling problem especially the end of the season. Romo has a big problem with fumbles and this one cost us BIG.

Is this correctable? Hopefully this part of his mechanics can be fixed, or he will be the next Dave Craig, a former Seahawk of all things, how freakin ironic is that?!

The ramifications of this loss could be huge. There's no question in my mind that there will be big changes in Dallas. I think the Cowboys are where the Bucs where at a few years ago. They had the talent, but the coaches could not get them over the hump, this could be the same problem in Dallas. Players are NOT responding to coach Parcells.

The change to the 3-4 could be seen as a failure, and if that's the case, what do you do with the players we've drafted for the 3-4? I think these players could still be involved in the 4-3, but we do need more speed on defense, we have size, but no enough speed.

The offensive line is not big enough, we aren't moving people off the line enough.

Who knows, we'll see what happens? Be prepared for some bigtime changes.


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Wild Card @ Seattle: What to Watch

Let's cut to the meat of what you need to watch for this Saturday night as we goto Seattle. First off, in the games that we have lost there's one thing in common and that's how the first series on offense and defense do. I guarantee that you will know if we're going to win this game by what we do with the ball on our first offensive series and how we defend the ball on our first defensive stand, its been a domino effect between these two units. If the defense starts the game and gets torched, the offense comes out discouraged and too conservative. If the offense goes 3 and out with minimal gained yardage the defense will come out and give up the score...and then here we go again.

If we go out and do a 3 and out on our first series and then our defense let's them score a td, forget it. The opening drives will show who REALLY wants this game, bar none. This is it, this is the last game for one of these teams. You either play like a champion or you go home. Who's going to have the heart to take this game.

Secondly, the Cowboys will need to watch the dump off passes/screens to Mack Strong, I think Strong has the potential to do some damage like Karney did for New Orleans. Obviously Alexander has the same potential to do damage, but I think a lot of success could come from the unexpected from the Seahawks, clutch plays from the lesser knowns like Strong and the Tight Ends. Holmgren may also utilize the reverse or some sort of trick play against us. We have been horrible in defending the reverse and trick plays.

Thirdly, the middle of the field could be money for the Seahawks. New Orleans, Eagles, and Detroit exploited this in our coverage.

Lastly, the team with the most turnovers WILL lose this game. That means Romo needs to know where the pressure is coming from if he starts to scramble around in the pocket. Throw the ball away don't force passes.

So those are the guts of what needs to happen: First Series on Offense/Defense, Mack Strong and the tight ends on dump offs/screens, reverses, defending the middle of the field, and turnovers.

If we come out move the ball and score and defend the field then I predict the score will be:
Cowboys 27 Seahawks 20

If we come out and everything I discussed gets exploited, then I predict the score will be:
Seahawks 31 Cowboys 17