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Jerry, Get 'R Done, carte blanche

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Cash it in Guys, We suck!

Ok, any glimmer of hope or anything positive we may have had is down the drain. Not only did we lose at HOME AGAIN, but we gave up 39 point to the shittiest team in the league. There is no one that is going to change how I feel about the Cowboys right now - no one!

Oh, wait "we're in the tournament" well guess what, that means shit, we have no business being in the playoffs, we've been a win one - lose one team most of the year, the defense has been suspect most of the year, and the wheels have officially fallen off.

With Cowboys Nation is complete dissaray, and the team at an alltime low, we get crushed at Seattle. I'm calling it right now. Seahawks 31 Cowboys 17

We lose at Seattle, that puts us at a 3 game losing streak, and no one believing in Parcells, he's out, and Jerry Jones better get someone worth a shit that can movitate this team, we have the players.


I hope to look back at this blog next week, and I hope Parcells and the Cowboys prove me wrong, but who are we kidding here...


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Cowboys Lose: Quick Thoughts

Well, like most fans, a part of my Christmas Celebrations went down the drain. What is it about "Big Games" and a team with no real home field advantage -it's pathetic.

Ok, we lost, but we're still in the playoffs. That being said, the next question is: How can we win with the defense in shambles? Answer: We won't..... With this lousy play on defense we won't even beat the Seahawks who appear to be playing as shitty as we do.

Looking over the entire season, and moreover the second part of the season, we have ZERO pass rush, and this exploits our secondary weaknesses - bigtime.

Roy Williams is a hitter, and an intimidater to some wide receivers, but don't ask him to cover. He's horrible in coverage, plain and simple. Overrated? perhaps. I still like Roy Williams, but you have to examine some of the pros vs cons, and I think they are close to even, so he probably stays onboard despite for some calling for his trade.

Anthony Henry is on his last leg, literally. He appears to playing injured, and this is nothing new. Henry has some durability issues, and when he's not 100% look out, he'll give up a shitload of plays. Let's consider upgrading the CB spot with a another shutdown type cornerback.

FS? Don't get me started.

The defensive line has been very disappointing and Parcells has seen it. There's no pressure from Spears or Canty most of the time. Ware cannot do it all by himself., so we will need to consider an upgrade at DE spot.

No matter what we do from here on out, an offseason priority will need to be the defensive line and secondary. Mark it down, start studying up on this years draft prospects and NFL free agents. The defensive pass rush is totally shitty, and we all know it.


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Playoffs Here We Come!

Through the ups and downs of the season, the Cowboys have clinched a playoff birth, and I can assure you no one wants to face us. Without a doubt the biggest catalyst for our resurgence has been Tony Romo. Romo has been the difference maker and I believe that there is no way we are here if Bledsoe stayed as our starter.

Marion Barber III has been a great player, and has been playing like an NFL MVP, lol. Seriously, this guy has improved greatly since his rookie year by leaps and bounds.

Looking ahead, we need to run the table and we should be able to earn a bye-week, I don't see the Saints winning both there remaining games.

Next weeks game will be nothing to overlook. Garcia and Co. have been playing like a playoff team, and we must take them very serious here and keep on rolling!

Let's Go Cowboys!