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Cowboys 4-4, How Will It End?

With the Cowboys losing a heartbreaker on the road, the Cowboys drop to 4-4 for the year. The season is now half over, and for the Cowboys to have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs, the Cowboys must run the table or go 6-2 at the very worse, that would be 10-6. 9-7 and will not get it done, just like it did not get it done last year.

Supposedly the team we were fielding this year was going to be a SuperBowl contender, that's not the case. Just as Parcells has stated "you are what your record is" at right now, that's average, a .500 team that wins one and loses one.

We have plently of talent but god awful execution and concentration on both sides of the ball. Penalties and turnovers have been our crux all season, and unless this changes we miss the playoffs. This is not melodramatics on my part, but more of a reality check.

Let's take a glance at the remainder of the season:

11/12 @ Arizona
11/19 Indianapolis
11/23 Tampa Bay
12/3 @ NY Giants
12/10 New Orleans
12/16 @ Atlanta
12/25 Philadelphia
12/31 Detroit

So, what do you think, honestly? Is that not a brutal schedule or not? Now, we do have (5) home games coming up, we must sweep the home games, the other (3) games are on the road: Arizone, NY Giants, and Atlanta, we can lose 2 of those games. But who are we kidding, we can look at all the scenarios, the bottom line is that we cannot lose more than two games.

Based on our consistency through half the season I'm predicting that we go 8-8 or 7-9, and missing the playoffs. Sure you may not like this prediction, but it is what we are right now, and that's the most consistent thing we are right now, win one - lose one.


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