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Gurode Frustrates Haynesworth

In what has become the most shocking on-the field assault to date, Titan's Albert Haynesworth should be looking at a hefty fine, and some game suspensions. Who knows what caused her to assault Gurode, but it must of been because Gurode frustrated her. She couldn't get past Gurodes blocks, and she couldn't slow down our running game.

I would fine Haynesworthless 100K for the simple fact that he assaulted Gurode on the field, and had this been outside the football arena, this chump would have been thrown in jail for physical assault.

At least 100K for the chump, and some game suspensions. If he is not fined alot of money, I would expect at least 5 games of suspension without pay or something of that nature. I'm not sure what the rules are here, but something must be done, and the league must act fast and diligent.

The league wants to hand out fines for brushing QBs, but in this case, the assault is irrefutable, it is with the intent to harm, its malice with intent to cause bodily injury? Gurode could have lost his eye. Shit, Haynesworthless should be fined the rest of the season. Call it extreme if you want, but what would you call what he did to Andre Gurode?

"Jeff Fisher apologized for Haynesworth's actions and Haynesworth was remorseful for what he did. "If they suspend me that's fine. Because for what I did, whatever they give me, I deserve it. I did it and it's wrong. That's not the game of football that's not how it's supposed to be played. I let my team down," Haynesworth said."

What an idiot, this guy doesn't really mean it, suspend him for the maximum, throw the book at him.


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