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Devil's Advocate...

Alright, we know the Cowboys should be able to win handedly over the lowly Texans who come into Texas Stadium with one of the worst overall defenses in the league. We should be able to run all over them, and we should be able to throw on them all day. Not only should the offense be able to move the ball with regularity, but the defense should be able to be in Carr's face all day. With all this being said, we should win. I'm predicting a victory: Cowboys 26 Texans 16

Now, let me play devil's advocate here. We should win right? What if by some miracle of all miracles the Texans pull of yet another astronomical upset over us again? Like any game this year, this is a must when; however, there is ALOT more riding on this game. Credibility, Team Moral, Confidence, and Respect...we must win this game at all costs. The only way I see the Texans winning is if the Cowboys beat themselves, and by this I mean turnovers.

Turnovers are our worst enemy this season. Turning the ball over in our own territory has yielded great success by the opposing offenses. If we lose this game and Bledsoe turns in another crap game against the lowly Texans defense, heads will roll. Someone will get demoted, someone will lose their job, write that down. Whether that's Bledsoe or some assistant coach, someone will lose something.

"We better win!" is coming out of every Cowboys fan this week, including your's truly.


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