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Cowboys Win, Back on the Bledsoe Bandwagon?

First off, this was a great 2nd half for the Cowboys, the Texans turned the ball over in the right places and we were able to convert on a short field. This being said, am I back on the Bledsoe bandwagon? No, I'm not. Well, why the hell not? The reason is simple: We played a team we are suppose to beat. Bledsoe had 3 Tds and no interceptions against one of the worse defenses in the NFL, Bledsoe is suppose to have his way with this type of defense.

I am not convinced, simple as that. There will be fans that see this blowout as Bledsoe's return to glory, but it will take consecutive victories against divisional rivals and top tier defenses until I even think Bledsoe will take us to the promised land.

I see it this way, and so should the rest of Die Hard Cowboys Nation...

To be a championship contender you have to beat the teams you should beat and you should win the games you need to win.

Can we win the next four games, in this critical stretch?
Giants@Cowboys (need to win)
Cowboys@Carolina (need to win)
Cowboys@Washington (need to win)
Cowboys@Arizona (should win)

This is a critical stretch because we play two of our divisional rivals, the next game we host the Giants, after that we're on the road for three straight games. A tough game at Carolina, and another tough game at Washington, and we finish the road trip at Arizona.

This upcoming stretch is were we find out what we're made of.


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