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Cowboys Win, Back on the Bledsoe Bandwagon?

First off, this was a great 2nd half for the Cowboys, the Texans turned the ball over in the right places and we were able to convert on a short field. This being said, am I back on the Bledsoe bandwagon? No, I'm not. Well, why the hell not? The reason is simple: We played a team we are suppose to beat. Bledsoe had 3 Tds and no interceptions against one of the worse defenses in the NFL, Bledsoe is suppose to have his way with this type of defense.

I am not convinced, simple as that. There will be fans that see this blowout as Bledsoe's return to glory, but it will take consecutive victories against divisional rivals and top tier defenses until I even think Bledsoe will take us to the promised land.

I see it this way, and so should the rest of Die Hard Cowboys Nation...

To be a championship contender you have to beat the teams you should beat and you should win the games you need to win.

Can we win the next four games, in this critical stretch?
Giants@Cowboys (need to win)
Cowboys@Carolina (need to win)
Cowboys@Washington (need to win)
Cowboys@Arizona (should win)

This is a critical stretch because we play two of our divisional rivals, the next game we host the Giants, after that we're on the road for three straight games. A tough game at Carolina, and another tough game at Washington, and we finish the road trip at Arizona.

This upcoming stretch is were we find out what we're made of.


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Devil's Advocate...

Alright, we know the Cowboys should be able to win handedly over the lowly Texans who come into Texas Stadium with one of the worst overall defenses in the league. We should be able to run all over them, and we should be able to throw on them all day. Not only should the offense be able to move the ball with regularity, but the defense should be able to be in Carr's face all day. With all this being said, we should win. I'm predicting a victory: Cowboys 26 Texans 16

Now, let me play devil's advocate here. We should win right? What if by some miracle of all miracles the Texans pull of yet another astronomical upset over us again? Like any game this year, this is a must when; however, there is ALOT more riding on this game. Credibility, Team Moral, Confidence, and Respect...we must win this game at all costs. The only way I see the Texans winning is if the Cowboys beat themselves, and by this I mean turnovers.

Turnovers are our worst enemy this season. Turning the ball over in our own territory has yielded great success by the opposing offenses. If we lose this game and Bledsoe turns in another crap game against the lowly Texans defense, heads will roll. Someone will get demoted, someone will lose their job, write that down. Whether that's Bledsoe or some assistant coach, someone will lose something.

"We better win!" is coming out of every Cowboys fan this week, including your's truly.


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Drew Bled-NO II

Back on February 12, 2005, I wrote a piece called "Drew Bled-No" in response to the Cowboys considering acquiring the soon-to be released Drew Bledsoe from the Bills. Looking back, I still stand by my opinion on the matter, and not because I'm angered by our loss to the Eagles, but because, he is not ever going to get it done. Bledsoe holding the ball forever, fumbling the ball, and making bad make decisions for INTS are part of his game, its built-in and has not and will not be removed. This is what we have to endure the rest of his career as our starting QB for the Cowboys.

I've been a die-hard Cowboys fan from birth, seen the tradition of the Cowboys, the highs of the Superbowl wins, and the lows of consecutive losing seasons. This being said, I do not see us going far with Bledsoe at the helm. We blew a 3rd rounder on Drew Henson, and he did infact rust away on the bench due to the Bledsoe signing, that is a whole other topic. How many more errors are we going to make when it comes to the sake of keeping a winning tradition alive and strong.

Parcells has talked about our team needing "staying power"...guess what? Do you think we have staying power? Seriously? Right now we DO NOT. What about finishing power? Can we take a lead on a team and finish them off? Nope, we can't do that either. We had too many close games last year, we lost a few due to a bad kicking game, but why let the game come down to a few kicks.

If you go back at those games, it came down to Bledsoe turning the ball over, plain and simple. Don't blame the O-line, because I've heard that story, and the offensive line blocks for the QB, but they do not make the decisions to throw INTS.

As fans, we want the change at QB, we want Romo, not because Bledsoe was a huge part of our two losses this year, but because we can identify a weak link in the chain, and that is Drew Bledsoe. I'm sure if you ask fans there will be those who will accept Romo as the future right now, and they would even like the change if we do not make the playoffs, at least we would have something to build on and give Romo regular season experience.

Bledsoe is a 14yr vet making Matt Leinart/Vince Young mistakes, rookie mistakes! If this is what we can get from Bledsoe, then yes, put in Romo already.

Unfortunately, what I see Parcells doing is this....He will squash the idea of Romo starting against the Texans, he will start Bledsoe, Bledsoe "should" have a relatively easy task and win the game, then the calls for Romo will settle a little bit. Guess what though, the next week we play the Giants, in a huge game. How many of you think Bledsoe will turn the ball over at least two times? Then, we're back to where we are right now, win one - lose won, 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

Drew Bled-NO!

Speculation has mounted on Drew Bledsoe coming to Dallas if he's released from the Bills. Some fans want him, and some don't want him here. I am not in favor of going that route. Well why not?? Let me just say this, Sure Drew is younger than Vinny, but at this point in his career Bledsoe's accuracy has been horrendous. He has been unable to hold his starting job, he lost it for good in favor of a very young Tom Brady, and now he will lose his job to Losman. Let's face it guys Bledsoe is not much of an upgrade to Vinny. If we want inaccuracy we already have it with Vinny, Bledsoe is of the same clothe, no mobility, classic pocket passer, inaccurate. I say NO to Drew Bledsoe.

In addition, Drew would need to come in and learn or re-learn a Parcells offense. Let's play Henson once and for all. The growing pains may come, but that's way its got to be. To me we are setting Henson up for success, by giving him tools like Keyshawn, Glenn, Witten, and Julius Jones. If we add some consistent protection and maybe another offensive player Drew will have a solid surrounding.

Going with Bledsoe would mean a 2-3yr deal, thus virtually leaving Henson out in the cold to rust away.


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Official Play Romo Against Texans Blog

Fresh off our heartbreakin loss against the hated Eagirls, it's time to rethink our options at QB. This is a hypothetical, and if history stays true, so will Parcells to his QB (Parcells wont replace Bledsoe).....BUT, here's what I propose.

If there was ever a game during the year when the Cowboys could make a change at QB, next week's game would be ideal. Start Romo at Texas Stadium against the lowly Texans, win the game, gain momentum for the future. Get Romo in there.

Right now, fans are fuming, including myself, excuse my rage as I write this piece, but c'mon, how many times is Bledsoe gonna kill a drive with the lamest INTs. ....a, this loss hurts.


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Gurode Frustrates Haynesworth

In what has become the most shocking on-the field assault to date, Titan's Albert Haynesworth should be looking at a hefty fine, and some game suspensions. Who knows what caused her to assault Gurode, but it must of been because Gurode frustrated her. She couldn't get past Gurodes blocks, and she couldn't slow down our running game.

I would fine Haynesworthless 100K for the simple fact that he assaulted Gurode on the field, and had this been outside the football arena, this chump would have been thrown in jail for physical assault.

At least 100K for the chump, and some game suspensions. If he is not fined alot of money, I would expect at least 5 games of suspension without pay or something of that nature. I'm not sure what the rules are here, but something must be done, and the league must act fast and diligent.

The league wants to hand out fines for brushing QBs, but in this case, the assault is irrefutable, it is with the intent to harm, its malice with intent to cause bodily injury? Gurode could have lost his eye. Shit, Haynesworthless should be fined the rest of the season. Call it extreme if you want, but what would you call what he did to Andre Gurode?

"Jeff Fisher apologized for Haynesworth's actions and Haynesworth was remorseful for what he did. "If they suspend me that's fine. Because for what I did, whatever they give me, I deserve it. I did it and it's wrong. That's not the game of football that's not how it's supposed to be played. I let my team down," Haynesworth said."

What an idiot, this guy doesn't really mean it, suspend him for the maximum, throw the book at him.