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The Sack

As a fan you never want to hear your players getting the 5th degree everytime they are interviewed; furthermore, its very aggrevating hearing the media press our head coach over TO at every press conference.

As a fan, we are tired of it, seriously. We don't want to hear questions about TO 24/7; instead, we want to hear questions about the secondary, Pat Watkins, the linebackers, Greg Ellis, Bobby Carpenter, etc.

Its become very evident that the media does infact fuel the flames when it comes to TO against Team XYZ. This has to be the same thing TO and the Eagles fans went through in Philly...its the media, plain and simple.

To the major media out there, get off Terrell Owens' sack and write about things that really matter. Its getting old fast, totally pathetic.

TO, you have my support!


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