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Cowboys Lose 17-24

First thing on every Cowboys Fans thoughts are Bledsoe. Will Bledsoe be benched and Romo start next week against the rival Redskins? probably not. Yes, Bledsoe played horribly most of the game, but this is a team game, and there were alot of really boneheaded penalities and blown coverages here and there which culminated in our demise at Jacksonville. If Bledsoe continues to play horrible in another game or two, then maybe we'll get to some point of needed change, but its early and (15) more games need to be played.

On the positive side, you have to like what you saw from the rookies Pat Watkins and Jason Hatcher.

Demarcus Ware was on fire, and was a menace all day. I'm impressed and look forward to more from Ware this season.

Terence Newman held his own against the tall Jag receivers, pretty solid play from Newman.

Lets regroup and get ready for the Washington Redskins. Go Cowboys!


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