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Cowboys @ Jacksonville Predictions

At the end of the day, this game will come down to how our offensive line held up. We know what we have in our shutdown defense. This game will come down to that ever changing offensive line that has been Parcells' bane since his arrival in Dallas. Will this be the year the line holds up or will it be our downfall.

If the line cannot open up holes for the running game, we're in trouble.
If the line cannot block for Bledsoe, we're in trouble.

That's what this game is going to come down to.

That being said, I'm hoping for a solid performance from the big guys up front. If this happens, I see us scoring some points.

Cowboys 30 Jaguars 20 (if the line holds up)
Cowboys 17 Jaguars 16 (if the line sucks, late winning FG needed)


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