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The Sack

As a fan you never want to hear your players getting the 5th degree everytime they are interviewed; furthermore, its very aggrevating hearing the media press our head coach over TO at every press conference.

As a fan, we are tired of it, seriously. We don't want to hear questions about TO 24/7; instead, we want to hear questions about the secondary, Pat Watkins, the linebackers, Greg Ellis, Bobby Carpenter, etc.

Its become very evident that the media does infact fuel the flames when it comes to TO against Team XYZ. This has to be the same thing TO and the Eagles fans went through in Philly...its the media, plain and simple.

To the major media out there, get off Terrell Owens' sack and write about things that really matter. Its getting old fast, totally pathetic.

TO, you have my support!


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Cowboys Extend MLB Bradie James

The Cowboys have signed Bradie James to a 5-year extension. James will lock up the MLB position. We have a solid LB corps, and now the next question may be, what's next for LB Bobby Carpenter?

Carpenter has practiced and played mainly at the MLB position this year, so I am wondering where his playing time will fall now and in the future. We just signed free agent LB Akin Ayodele to play next to James at MLB, so you would think our MLBs are locked up there, and OLB Demarcus Ware isn't going anywhere. So what about OLB Greg Ellis? Ellis is looking like a beast at his new position, I don't see a change there right now.

It's actually a good thing to have this dilemma, we'll continue to see how the season unfolds for Carpenter and the rest of the linebackers.


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The Redskins Got T.O. Covered?

Anyone wondering what T.O. has done against the 'Skins in the past? I was, and here are his stats... it is what it is.


(didn't play suspended)

2 / 24 / 1
6 / 46 / 0

2 / 33 / 1

1 / 2 / 0

4 / 67 / 1

3 / 39 / 0


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LIVE Gameday Chat Endorsment

I'm proud to announce that our site has been endorsed by we will be hosting a LIVE Gameday Chat. Check out our profile as well, it'll take you to our show time page. Be sure to register your username before someone else takes it. Registration is 100% free. I look forward to hearing from you fans Sunday Night!


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Cowboys Lose 17-24

First thing on every Cowboys Fans thoughts are Bledsoe. Will Bledsoe be benched and Romo start next week against the rival Redskins? probably not. Yes, Bledsoe played horribly most of the game, but this is a team game, and there were alot of really boneheaded penalities and blown coverages here and there which culminated in our demise at Jacksonville. If Bledsoe continues to play horrible in another game or two, then maybe we'll get to some point of needed change, but its early and (15) more games need to be played.

On the positive side, you have to like what you saw from the rookies Pat Watkins and Jason Hatcher.

Demarcus Ware was on fire, and was a menace all day. I'm impressed and look forward to more from Ware this season.

Terence Newman held his own against the tall Jag receivers, pretty solid play from Newman.

Lets regroup and get ready for the Washington Redskins. Go Cowboys!


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Cowboys @ Jacksonville Predictions

At the end of the day, this game will come down to how our offensive line held up. We know what we have in our shutdown defense. This game will come down to that ever changing offensive line that has been Parcells' bane since his arrival in Dallas. Will this be the year the line holds up or will it be our downfall.

If the line cannot open up holes for the running game, we're in trouble.
If the line cannot block for Bledsoe, we're in trouble.

That's what this game is going to come down to.

That being said, I'm hoping for a solid performance from the big guys up front. If this happens, I see us scoring some points.

Cowboys 30 Jaguars 20 (if the line holds up)
Cowboys 17 Jaguars 16 (if the line sucks, late winning FG needed)


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Practice Squad Players Signed

The practice squad was announced, and here are the initial players signed to the squad. The practice squad is never a final roster. Players can be signed and released throughout the year. So, don't be surprised if the squad changes a little throughout the year.

The Cowboys opted to sign another TE in Jerome Collins off the Rams waivers, and we passed on NT Montavious Stanley.

QB Matt Baker

G D'Anthony Batiste

LB Carl-Johan Bjork

DE Stephen Bowen

CB Quincy Butler

TE Jerome Collins (was in camp with St. Louis)

TE Tony Curtis

WR Skyler Green

RB Keylon Kincade


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Here's Your 53-Man Roster

I think the Cowboys already know who's going to make the team. Here's how I break down the 53-Man Roster.


1. Drew Bledsoe
2. Tony Romo

3. Julius Jones
4. Marion Barber III
5. Tyson Thompson

6. Terrell Owens
7. Terry Glenn
8. Patrick Crayton
9. Sam Hurd
10. Jamaica Rector
11. Terrence Copper
I think Copper squeeks in via his solid special teams play, Rector beats out Green, and Green could end up on the practice squad

12. Jason Witten
13. Anthony Fasano
14. Ryan Hannam

15. Lousaka Polite

16. Flozell Adams
17. Marco Colombo
18. Rob Petitti
19. Pat McQuistan
20. Jason Fabini
Fabini makes the roster here, but it would not surprise me if he didn't, this will be a close call here

21. Kyle Kosier
22. Marco Rivera
23. Cory Procter

24. Andre Gurode
25. Al Johnson


26. Chris Canty
27. Jay Ratliff
28. Marcus Spears
29. Jason Hatcher

30. Jason Ferguson
31. Thomas Johnson or Montavious Stanley (too close to call)
If Montavious does not make the roster, he will be on the practice squad, he has a lot of upside

32. Demarcus Ware
33. Greg Ellis
34. Al Singleton
35. Kevin Burnett
36. Rocky Boiman

37. Bradie James
38. Akin Ayodele
39. Bobby Carpenter
40. Oliver Hoyte
Hoyte has played exceptional on special teams and at MLB, and Fowler could lose out here

41. Terence Newman
42. Anthony Henry
43. Aaron Glenn
44. Jacques Reeves
45. Nate Jones

46. Pat Watkins
47. Keith Davis

48. Roy Williams
49. Abram Elam

50. J.P. Ladoceur

51. Matt McBriar

52. Mike Vanderjagt
53. Shaun Suisham
I would hope we would not need to blow a roster spot on a kickoff guy, but its looking more and more like we may have no choice, She can't handle both duties