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How's That 2004 Draft Class Doing?

Parcells has stated time and time again that you build your team through the draft. Let's take a look back at the Cowboys 2004 Draft Class and see how this crop is doing heading into the 2006 Season.

2 (11, 43) - Julius Jones, Notre Dame (starting RB)
2 (20, 52) - Jacob Rogers, USC (Injured,Cut,Bust)
3 (20, 83) - Stephen Peterman, Louisiana State (Cut)
4 (25, 121) - Bruce Thornton, Georgia (Cut)
5 (12, 144) - Sean Ryan, Boston College (Injury Riddled, may not make the cut this year)
7 (4, 205) - Nathan Jones, Rutgers (Probably makes the cut)
7 (15, 216) - Patrick Crayton, NW Oklahoma State (#3WR)
7 (22, 223) - Jacques Reeves, Purdue (Probably makes the cut)

When you look at this draft class, you truly see an average to good crop here. RB Julius Jones headlines the group. Julius is in his 3rd year, and has yet to have that "magical" year, the type of Emmitt Smith year we have not had since the '90s. Jones has the potential, but he has been sidelined the last two years by bad luck.

Rogers was injured before we drafted him, and he never became anything but a complete and uttter BUST.

Parcells stuck by Peterman despite his injuries, unfortunately time ran out on Peterman. Cory Procter overcame him on the depth chart, and Peterman was released today.

Bruce Thornton had big potential coming out of college as the team captain of the Georgia Bulldog defense, unfortunately Thornton never developed into anything.

Sean Ryan is another player that has been given plenty of time to contribute and make the team, but this may be the year he is cut. Ryan has been on and off the roster the past couple of years. His days are numbered with the drafting of Fasano and the signing of Hannam.

Nate Jones is the man of mystery, he never gets any attention at all, good or bad, but Parcells recently stated that each year it becomes harder and harder to cut Jones. Jones will be cutting it very close this year. He may or may not make this team this year, we'll know in the coming days.

Patrick Crayton was the 2nd day gem in this draft class. Crayton came into camp and turned heads ever since. He has solid hands, and makes plays after the catch. As a former QB, Crayton knows where to position himself when he runs his routes. The only knock on Crayton is his durability. Patrick Crayton and Julius Jones share the same hardships, just wishing to complete a full season.

Jacques Reeves continues to make the team every year due to his committment to the game, he's a solid back up and a versatile player that Parcells likes in the secondary. Reeves should make the team once again.

Day 1 is a near washout with the exception of Julius Jones. Day 2 is interesting, the last (3) picks were 7th rounders and all remain on the team, unlike the higher picks before them. If you remember Parcells made some trades to acquire those 7th rounders, once again applying his theory of being in the "Talent Acquisition Business" even during the NFL draft back in 2004.


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