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Bledsoe has done well this preseason, but...

Does Bledsoe have "lasting power"? The media wanted to create some QB Contraversy when Romo played in an entire preseason game, but then Bledsoe started again, and dazzled fans and the media with his great passes. We all know Bledsoe is one the most prolific QBs in NFL history, and he's done a lot in this league, so this should not be a big surprise to everyone.

Last year, we saw the same production from Bledsoe early on, but as the season progressed his production topped off and declined. Could this be attributed to the offensive line being decimated by injuries, or is it Bledsoe's "lasting power"

Can Bledsoe keep the same good production from start to end? This year we will see. I think the good thing about this offseason, training camp, and preseason has been Tony Romo. Right now, this is definitely Bledsoe's team this year, but if Bledsoe's "lasting power" fails towards the critical part of the second half of the season we will be hearing the calls for Romo to jumpstart the offense. Whether or not Parcells would pull Bledsoe during the season would be something else. Parcells usually sticks with his guys, but at some point he could do this, depending on the situation.

I like what I see in Bledsoe, the young receivers corps, and the offense as a whole. We should be good. Let's see how this unfolds.


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