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My take on the 2006 draft for the DALLAS COWBOYS
By Howard Cox

I like their first pick because it gives them another solid player on the outside. Singleton will start but he has shown injury problems the last 2 seasons and Carpenter gives them size and talent to not worry about that. He gives the team another "punch" on the outside opposite last years bonus pick DeMarcus Ware. Burnett will also play into the rotation to give the defense a solid second teir of players.

As for the second round pick I am still wondering where that came from. They seem to be going to get rid of the fullback position altogether which is alright but they seemingly already had enough TE's to fill the blocking scheme. I guess another target for Bledsoe isn't a bad idea but I will have to wait and see on this one.

Round three pick I also like because it is a talented player that isn't going to be expected to start but will be able to learn and play his way into the rotation, much like Canty and Spears did last season. This is a good thing also considering he has the size to move inside in a 4 man front.

Don't let the WR beside Green's name fool you he was brought in mainly to serve as a KR for the special teams. I would be surprised to see him listed higher than 5th on the depth chart, maybe 4th but that would be about it. Thompson's got some competition on the return game and likely will lose that portion of his duties. I like this pick because nothing can spark a team more than a good return for great field position or a quick TD from special teams.

Here, IMO, is going to be the steal of the draft for the Cowboys. They have needed a good "cover" safety and Watkins could very well turn out to be just that. His size and speed should allow him to patrol the backfield and give Williams the freedom to roam up near the line, something he hasn't had since Woodson retired. Wait and see on this one, he should turn out to be a very good one.

The rest of the picks were adding depth to the respective positions. Stanley will give them another "plug" in the middle behind Ferguson. Johnson showed promise last season and Stanley is the right size to get in there and shore up the middle. McQuistan and Whitley will compete for roster spots as depth behind the starting 5 up front on offense. I like all three choices for doing just that, and you never know they just may surprise and be playing a lot of time by the middle of the season, most likely Stanley.


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