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Free Agency Reality

So, Free Agency is underway and we managed to sign offensive lineman Kyle Kosier from the Lions, and we re-signed our own player in Andre Gurode. What does the signing of Kosier mean?
At first glance, you ask yourself, "who?" then you ask yourself "what position is he going to play on the line?"

Kosier is a mid-level free agent who has played on every position on the offensive line except for center. Last season Kosier played LG, so once you know this you may be asking yourself, "Is he going to replace Larry Allen?"

Right now, I would say no, and this is why: Larry Allen is the best at his position and our running backs are going to run behind him and Flozell. Sure we may have some designed plays to run to the right, but who's on the right side right now? There's uncertainty with the center position, Marco Rivera had a very average year last year, and Rob Petitti is still young and gets beat on a regular basis.

SO, logic would dictate you would want to keep Larry Allen at LG. We can afford him this year, and the cap increases even more next year, so we can keep Allen around.

I've said this before, and here's the main this about the Kosier signing: He gives us options on the offensive line. Right now, I'd pencil-in Kosier as the starting RT, he would battle it out with Petitti, but would win obviously. In addition, how sure are we that Flozell has fully recovered and how sure are we that he will stay healthy this season coming off his knee surgery, do you want Tucker over there again? Tucker is ok, but Kosier is definitely an upgrade to Tucker at LT and Petitti at RT. This is all possible because of Kosier's versatility on the line and he gives us all these options should something go wrong during camp, and the regular season.

I would feel better going into the season with Flo, LA, Gurode, Rivera, and Kosier as the starters, than I would with Flo, Kosier, Gurode, and (?? Petitti, Rogers, Rookie)

Before free agency starts we want the high-end proven free agents; the Bentleys, Mawaes, Hopes, and the Petersons, but its not looking like that's going to happen this free agency season.

At this point, I think we could expect to see more low key names brought into the mix. Let's hope for the best and hope that we can get some decent people in here, we have a lot of work to do.


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