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Sean Payton In High Demand

2years ago it had seemed that Sean Payton was set to be the Raiders new head coach, there were reports of a scheduled news conference to announce the hiring and all. Unfortuntately, for what ever reason, Al Davis pulled the plug and pulled the trigger on Norv Turner. In doing this the Cowboys have been stuck in an offensive purgatory that has no end in sight.

BUT wait, now comes the offseason and Sean Payton appears to be a hot prospect for one of the many open head coaching vacancies. All I can say is thank God! Surely we won't go through another cruel tease again from 2yrs ago. Someone please-please take Sean Payton from us.

Sean Payton is atop the list of the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints, mainly because it is thought that Payton is an offensive genius and someone that molds young QBs into superstars. Green Bay would like to see Payton come in and mold and take Aaron Rodgers under his wing. The Same can be said about the Saints. The Saints will most likely go QB in the first round (Matt Leinart or Vince Young), if not, they may trade for Matt Schaub another up and coming QB.

Its time for Payton to move on. Someone hire him...please.


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