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Bandwagon Time

It's that time of the year again. Time to get the mock drafts reved up and in full effect. Every year, I have a bandwagon, In past year's I've liked players like RB Michael "The Burner" Turner, now with the Chargers backing up LT, and has shown some serious skills. Last year it was DE Justin Tuck, now with the New York Giants, and looks to be a great pick for them. So who's bandwagon will I be on this year?

FS Michael Huff.

Huff is an All-American and, First Team All-Big 12, and Thorpe Award Recipient. Huff has been making plays his career at Texas. He's a playmaker on defense and is a true ballhawking FS. He's coming into the draft as a Senior with leadership and gametime experience in bigtime games.

Huff is projected a 1st rounder, and if he is available at #18 this would fill a void and would make for the final piece in the best secondary in the NFL.

FS Michael Huff is my main target and this year's bandwagon prospect.

Other players to Watch:
OT Marcus McNeil - Auburn
OT Winston Justice - USC
OT Jonathan Scott - Texas
DB Jimmy Williams - VTech
DT Gabe Watson - Michigan
DE/LB Mark Anderson - Alabama


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